Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Russian warships approach Venezuela

Russian warships approached Venezuela Monday for upcoming joint maneuvers -- Moscow's first military presence in the region since the Cold War -- as Washington closely monitored the situation.

Venezuelan defense officials said the ships, including the nuclear-powered cruiser Peter the Great and destroyer Admiral Chabankenko, would arrive on Tuesday



The joint exercises were to coincide with a two-day visit by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev to Venezuela, the strongest US critic in the region.

Medvedev was due to arrive Wednesday and meet fiercely anti-liberal President Hugo Chavez on Thursday, before heading to communist Cuba.

Analysts see Medvedev as bringing a defiant message to Washington's doorstep, in the wake of Russian outrage at US plans to install a strategic missile shield in Poland and the Czech Republic, and support for the brief Georgia war in August.

The maneuvers will start on Wednesday in port and take place at sea on December 1, Venezuelan Operations Command chief General Jesus Gonzalez told journalists.

"It's a natural exercise that we've carried out with various countries, and many others carry out," the general added.

A Russian naval spokesman said in Moscow that the exercises would include operation planning, helping ships in distress and supplying ships on the move.

"If the Venezuelans and the Russians want to have, you know, a military exercise, that's fine, but we'll obviously be watching it very closely," US State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Monday.

Ships will include the Kirov class nuclear battle cruiser, Peter the Great, about the size of a light carrier.

Hatches on the main deck include 20 SSN-19 long range anti ship missiles


Anonymous said...


I am bringing up the question about the celtic cross here so as it does not get lost

In the previous thread yo tried to imply that the cross was still there.

Well it has been edited away

Can you answer me

Why are you contributing to the wiping out of European heritage

Damien said

I'm sorry, I don't remember any Celtic Cross in the Infidel Bloggers Alliance logo.

Well take it from me, before the picture was edited there was a celtic cross on the left hand side

Anonymous said...

Shiva, if there was a "celtic cross" there you'll have to complain to Francis Ford Coppola, the visual is from his movie "Dracula". My guess is it wasn't "celtic". Transylvania is a long way from Ireland.

But I have been meaning to ask Pastorius what the heck is that animal skin the is it a dwarf next to Vlad is holding?

Epaminondas said...

Transylvanian rat grow big...keeel saracen, many

Anonymous said...

I know that the visual is from the movie Dracula by Francis Ford Coppola.

Dracula's name, came from the Order of the Dragon, originally founded to protect Christian Europe from invasion by Muslim Ottomans.

During his captivity by the Ottomans Vlad converted to Catholicism, in contrast to his brother who converted to Islam.

Also it has largely been forgotten until recently that his tenacious efforts against the Ottoman Empire won him many staunch supporters in his lifetime, not just in modern day Romania but in the Kingdom of Hungary, Poland, the Republic of Venice, and even the Holy See, not to take into account Balkan countries. Vlad was hailed as a Christian hero by visitors from all over Europe.

So the question still remains, why have you edited the celtic cross out of the image, and avoiding giving an answer?

revereridesagain said...

Shiva, if there was a "celtic cross" there you'll have to complain to Francis Ford Coppola

I have no complaints with Coppola for using the cross in the unedited image, as he has shown the gross in the correct context

My gripe here is this why are the administrators here are trying to bury an ancient Christian symbol, isn't it enough with the islamist and the red fascists attacking our ancient symbols

Pastorius said...

There are still crosses in the image.

However, Shiva is right. I did ask for the Celtic Cross to be removed from the image.

I will look at it again, and consider restoring the image to its original form.

However, I am not interested in attracting readers who get erections over this cross:


Anonymous said...

Pastorius said...

There are still crosses in the image.

However, Shiva is right. I did ask for the Celtic Cross to be removed from the image.

I do not think you will be flooded by folks from the far right wing, and if any do visit here it will be because this site does keep a pretty good update and they will be looking for info.

What may happen you may get some flak from LGF, for what that is worth

By the way I have been visiting for a couple of years now, despite our differences over at JW/DW.

Any it is not for me to dictate how you present your blog. I am a bit snarky at the moment, as to what is happening in Liverpool about how the police are telling certain people not to use the British flag. I will not say more, because I do not think you want to go into what is happening there.

Where I grew the cross was pretty common was I am pissed of that WP have hijacked one variation of it

And now where I am living I see a lot of swastikas on houses, and this I feel positive about, as these is a strong muslim area, yet the Hindus are still keeping and displaying their identity.

I am of the opinion that we should struggle to keep our traditional symbols, despite they have been abused, because by abolishing then, we risk losing part of the positive values they stood for.

This is why the muslims are oing to great lengths to make us forsake many of our traditions.

Think about it

Pastorius said...

I see your point.

I am not worried about LGF. I don't get the feeling Charles much likes me anyway.

Instead of concerning myself with Charles, I concern myself (as I have since I began blogging over four 1/2 years ago) with a possible Islam/Nazi alliance in Europe. Ethnic Nationalism is the door to such an alliance, and I see that which I predicted by in 2004 coming to fruition in the BNP/VB/FPO/Lega Nord.

Ethnic Nationalism is also the door to having Israel branded an apartheid state. And, I'm not going to roll with that, no matter how many Jews come out of the closet telling me that it's ok to call Israel an ethnic nationalist state.

I'm sure you don't agree with me. That's fine.

But, ask yourself this, why is it that Baron Bodissey's "big tent" idea resulted in people like me being kicked out of the tent?

If the tent needed to be made bigger then why am I out?

That's a pretty surrealistic big tent.

You may well be right that the Celtic Cross would not attract racists. However, I found that we had a lot of racists reading our blog. Most of them just hate me now.

Pastorius said...

Oh, by the way, Shiva, thanks for reading our blog even though you don't agree with us half the time. That makes me happy. I wouldn't imagine we change your mind, but as you say, we try to get as much news out as we possibly can.

Oh yeah, and what's going on in Liverpool anyway?

Anonymous said...

Pastorius said...

Oh yeah, and what's going on in Liverpool anyway?

Oh well !

Firstly, I dont think we should get into any discussion here about nationalism, as we are both very clear about each others views

Last week began with somebody releasing the entire BNP membership list including addresses and employment. There was already a court order that the list can not be published, as publishing it would contravene, the Data/Privacy Protection Laws

Several people have already been attacked and one shop vandalized according to Indymedia.

In Burnley 4 BNP people where arrested four where arrest for distributing anti-heroin leaflets which claims that muslims produce 90% of the worlds heroin. Earlier the police had already stated that the leaflet was not illegal and where not able to stop it. Yet the the Muslim Police Association pressured the police to take action.

In Liverpool have suspended one officer for being a member of the BNP, that they found on the illegal list. Here I would like to remind you that earlier this year MI5 reported that there where 4 high ranking officers who are inked to Al Quadea, and the are still in service??

Also in Liverpool the police arrested 13 more people for handing out "Racism Cuts Both Ways",a perfectly legal leaflet after internal pressure from the Mersyside Muslim Police Association

The leaflet alleges the Muslim community condones pedophilia; and the English are "relentlessly discriminated against by an institutionally hostile ruling class". One passage reads: "Wherever there are large numbers of young Muslim men, groups team up to lure girls – often as young as 12 or 13 – into a nightmare world of sexual abuse, rape, beatings, drug addiction and prostitution."

Anti-racism campaigners are preparing to submit a UK-wide complaint to the Metropolitan Police. Assistant Chief Constable Colin Matthews of Merseyside Police said the arrests were made following the "distribution of leaflets ... which officers believe to contain racist content

Police in Merseyside at the Wavertree Road Police station (where some of the men where detained) have requested that all British National Party activists refrain from displaying British Flags as it is likely to cause “offence” to the ethnic groups living in the area”. Yet the police did not stop gangs of muslims racing up and down Wavertree Road honking their horns at 2AM

I would like to point out that these people where arrested in Liverpool Center while handing out the leaflets, they where not hiding behind their computers.

This is why I get so snarky over at JW/DW, as there are so many who have the balls sit behind their computers and condemn islam and the BNP, yet I have to see Jihad Watchers grow some balls and start handing out anti-islam material in areas densely populated wiyh muslims.

Pastorius said...

Makes sense.

This is a conversation I have had with Dag repeatedly. The man used to criticize me endlessly because, to his mind, I'm not willing to actually stand up and do anything. I just sit behind my computer.

There are a couple of things to think about,

1) The world needs people who are willing to spend their time distributing information and drawing connections between stories

2) What I do online and what I do in the real world must be separated. It is not like I do not express opinions in the real world. Additionally, it is not true that I will not join protests in the real world. I have done so and will in the future. However, I will not do so in the name of "Pastorius".

I'm not trying to turn myself into a counter-Jihad celebrity, though it isn't bad that people like Pamela are willing to play that role. I don't want it. It wouldn't work for my personality type.

Anonymous said...

Pastorius said...

Makes sense.

This is a conversation I have had with Dag repeatedly. The man used to criticize me endlessly because, to his mind, I'm not willing to actually stand up and do anything. I just sit behind my computer.

Dag, would that be Son of Walker who tried to get started the Blue Scarf thing.

It is interesting you mention counter-Jihad celebrities

I do not have much faith in them.

One example which I can bring up, is Ayaan Hirsi Ali

For over a year now, she has not done much except make pleas for money.

I get the feeling that she is one of a good many that are milking the anti-jihad gravy train.

She was not the first to write about muslim womens situation. I can name two, who have written books dealing with the same subject. Both where fashion models and one was recently found dead.

There are many people who have devoted more time than what she has, and contributed more without receiving any payment, and live very dangerously.

I will give you one example, there is a group of Indonesians who are runninng the FFI Indonesian forum. They have spent 1000,s of hours, translating stacks of material that is on the net, and also translated at least one of Spencers Books. (Spencer has not acknowledged them yet as far as I know) These good people do not get paid for what they do, yet any time of the day or night, the police, or muslim fanatics could burst into their homes

Incidentally FFI Indonesia has now been shut done, and the blogsphere stays silent, despite me informing several blogs including JW/DW. This could be due to me being rather extreme at times.

Pastorius you have been blogging for as long as I have and you know how much time it consumes, well I reckon I have put in at least 7000 unpaid hrs into my blog before google deleted it.

Well I live only 1 1/2 hours drive from Amrosi,s village, and it can go several weeks without me seeing another white person, hey, I do not demand 1000,s of dollar,s for security, yet I work just as hard as the celebrity folks. No doubt you do too.

Sorry but I have lost a lot of respect for the celebrity folks. While they are not busy praising each other they they try and ride the moral hobby horse, and try and make the people who are doing the real foot work seem like knuckle draggers

I believe that those who do not get on he streets to spread the word should at least give the "foot workers" the credit due to them regardless of the political leanings, because the key board warriors are going to benefit from their efforts.

As said before, I do not want to discuss here the pro,s/con,s with you here, as they are secondary to what we are up against.

So thanx that we have been able to have a moderate chat

If you dont mind, I may pop in from time to time, either with some comments or some news

All the best