Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Web Site: Calling Islam

I found the home page of Calling Islam via a CAIR communique cited elsewhere by Citizen Warrior.

I did some exploring of links at the site and ask that others here do the same. Your observations?

During the course of my exploration last night, I took the poll in the upper right hand corner. I tried to vote twice but wasn't allowed to. This morning, I couldn't access the site's home page with the IE browser, which I had successfully used last night. Firefox let me in, however. Just a glitch, right? Or perhaps there is a connection with the information in this World Net Daily article. Is Calling Islam another of CAIR's smoke-and-mirrors games? A makeover? A transparent subsidiary? Another of CAIR's projects, such as The Library Project of a few years back?

And who is funding all these Islamphilic projects?

The donation page of Calling Islam goes to CAIR Florida, Inc. I have no problem accessing the donation page with either IE or Firefox. Not that I'm giving them a dime. Sheesh!

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Anonymous said...

One vote for "violent" here.