Thursday, November 27, 2008

Is that a wave I see in the distance?

Rockets hit NATO truck depot in Peshawar, Pakistan

PESHAWAR: Unidentified men on Wednesday fired three rockets that hit a terminal for trucks carrying supplies to NATO and United States troops in Afghanistan.

Neither of the rockets caused serious damage or any injuries, police officer Abdul Qadirwhich said.

Qadir said officers were not sure whether the truck terminal was the target of the attack. The rockets are normally fired into the city from hills on its outskirts some 10 kilometres away, AP reported.

Up to 75 percent of the supplies for Western forces in landlocked Afghanistan pass through Pakistan. Peshawar is a key stop for convoys en route to the Khyber Pass and on to Western Afghanistan.
Tales of Vietnam, circa 1961

Earlier this month, suspected Taliban hijacked several trucks near the Khyber Pass whose load included Humvees heading to the US-led coalition. Pakistan halted traffic along the road for several days while it arranged for armed troops to guard the slow-moving convoys. In a sign of its frustration, Washington has carried out a surge of missile attacks in the lawless area since August, killing dozens of militants but angering Pakistan's young government and many of its 170 million people.
Anyone who dreams this mess is not going to engulf Pakistan and cause chaos in a nuclear power is dreaming. Pakistan is Al Qaeda, the Taliban and the salafi/deobandi freaks shortcut to caliphate, and by result, world war.

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midnight rider said...

If India determines, suspects or even dreams the current Mumbai attacks were sponsored assisted turned a blind eye to by either Pakistan's gov't and/or the ISI, Islamabad and environs may be in flames far sooner than we think. Retaliation, tit for tat bomb for bomb missle for missle. Russia backs India, the mideast backs Pakistan, China for itself (there can be only 1 master of Asia) heaven knows where we'll come down. And then it's on.