Saturday, November 29, 2008

So Called "Brits" Majority of Mumbai Killers

Some reports are saying out of a total of upto 12 terrorists 7 of them are British born Pakistani's. All the newspapers are calling them "Brits" but millions of rats and cockroaches are born in this country but I wouldn't call them British ...

There are probably hundreds if not thousands of "Pakistani so called Brits" training to wage war on us but still the politicians don't get it. They still say we have to improve community relations, to understand them, to build bridges. Bullshit. It's Islam stoopid. The only thing they will understand is death. It doesn't matter whether it's their own death or the death of an infidel but death is in their mindset and no amount of trying to understand or appease them will suffice.

Draconian, undemocratic measures are needed to deal with vermin like these. Just remember this; there's nothing democratic about singling out Americans, Jews and Brits for execution. These people are less than human and do not qualify for human rights protection.

Maybe one of the first things that could be done would be to ban all travel to Pakistan from the UK and to refuse entry to the UK to all those who have included Pakistan in their itinery. No decent person should have any need to go to Pakistan, they produce nothing but terror. No, it won't happen but I can dream can't I?

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Pastorius said...

Actually, Ray, I think your government does understand, though they systematically turn around and ignore the problem.

""""London, Nov 9 (DPA) A report by the British intelligence services has claimed that “some thousands” of militant Islamists are active in the country, the Sunday Telegraph has said.The document, which the paper describes as being drawn up by the intelligence service of the Ministry of Defence, the internal security organization MI5 and the police’s Special Branch, identified the cities of London, Birmingham and Luton as particular centres of Islamist activity.

The country was a “high-priority target for international terrorists aligned with Al Qaeda”.

The report said that Britain faces a threat from British nationals, including Muslim converts, British-based foreign militants, and terrorists planning attacks from abroad.

The intelligence services called the threat “diverse and widely distributed”, although it could not give precise numbers of militants involved.

“Some thousands of extremists in the UK (are) committed to supporting jihadi activities, either in the UK or abroad,” it said."""

Always On Watch said...

The official position will be "The UK didnt' do enough to assimlate Muslim immigrants into British society." Oh, sure, there will be exceptions to that position, but I predict that it will be the dominant one.

Anonymous said...

They are Muslims, period! They have no nation, country or anything.

Anonymous said...

There's many a kitten born in a kipper box, but that doesn't make him a kipper...

Michael Travis said...

Bangladeshi Hindu said...

"They are Muslims, period! They have no nation, country or anything."


The have the "Ummah" or Islamic Nation.

And Jesus was born in a stable. Does that make him a...........?