Saturday, November 22, 2008

What does centrist mean to a progressive?

Here is a good measure of what a changing spectrum means from David Corn, ex of The Nation now Washington Bureau Chief of Mother Jones on the "transition"

Well, I looked at the people who have been announced so far who are making up the transition team, those who are conducting the reviews at the agencies. There are about 130 of them. And I've noted that a lot of them are exactly the type of people you'd think they'd be, the type of corporate lawyers in Washington who bounce between government jobs and private-sector jobs, you know, some who've worked at Fannie Mae, some who've worked at corporate law firms, and then they worked at the Senate and then go back and forth. A lot of them used to work in the Clinton administration.
But in addition to those sorts of people on the transition team, I noted there were a bunch of people who have been progressive public policy advocates, academics and other experts, who have spent their whole adult careers devoted to policy making, not necessarily to going between government and private sector and making a bunch of money.


And then there's--you know, just in terms of looking at how this bunch may be different than the Bush bunch, which isn't hard to do, Sarah Sewall is leading the transition's national security team. She works at the Carr Center for Human Rights Policy at the John F. Kennedy School of Government. And one of her specialties is the ethics of fighting terrorism. Just think about that for a moment. The ethics of fighting terrorism? That's probably nothing that got a lot of attention in, say, Dick Cheney's office. So, again, she is an academic who has worked on and off Capitol Hill but really has devoted her life to working on policy issues.

So, while, you know, we can argue and scream--and I'm not a fan of the possible Hillary Clinton appointment to the State Department--you know, the transition team does include people who are genuine policy advocates, who, if they get a chance to have any authority, could indeed be agents of change.
Ethics of fighting terrorism ? DAFT
Kill them all.
Do it THERE.

How's them ethics?

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