Friday, November 28, 2008

Muslim Pirates Against America

Michael Savage, a member of the top twelve Islamophobes, gives us a little history lesson:

Sponsored by Morocco and the city-states of Tunis, Algiers and Tripoli, the pirates preyed on civilian vessels, plundering their cargoes and kidnapping their crews. "It was written in the Koran...that it was their [the pirates'] right and duty to make war upon whoever they could find and to make Slaves of all they could take as prisoners," the emissary of Tripoli's pasha told a startled John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in London in 1785. The emissary demanded $1 million from the United States — one-tenth of the national budget — to suspend the assaults or face losing the valuable Mediterranean trade, representing one-fifth of all American exports.

Read more: How To Deal With Pirates and Pirates Exploit Confusion About International Law.


christian soldier said...

Pres. Madison-
"It is a settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute. The United States, while they wish for war with no nation, will buy peace with none."

Let's find citizens who-when elected- will stand strong...


Citizen Warrior said...

Amen, brother.

Here's how to find out how our elected officials are voting, and you can have your representatives votes emailed to you:

heroyalwhyness said...

Ah, Six Frigates . .. a great audio book by Ian Toll (#23 in Books on CD re: History/Military). Must read . . .should be a classic film someday.