Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spanish intelligence: "Spanish ex-soldiers are now Jihadists"

Spanish Center of Intelligence (CNI) has announced it has controlled a group of Spanish Muslim ex-soldiers who are carrying military training to enter Islamic Jihad. Although they have not announced how many exactly are carrying that training, Spanish newspaper LA RAZĂ“N has published that they are a dozen at least and that they are now located in radical islamists' training camps in Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen or Saudi Arabia. Others have been located at mobile training camps in the Maghreb or Palestine.

None of them had access to any sensible information during their service to Spanish Army as they never reached high ranks.

Special investigations carried out by CNI have also uncovered the existence of "vigilantes", that is, Muslims now working for Spanish Army who are discreetly obliging their fellow Muslim soldiers to fulfill Islamic obligations about food and drink.

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