Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Arab Nations Hire 10 New PR Agencies Since Last Year – PR Firms Assist In Selling Terror And Brutality

The U.S. Public Relations industry is one which is very high profile, but is a tiny, close knit industry, with only perhaps 75 American PR firms having more than 50 employees (i.e. enough scope/influence to represent a foreign government or foreign interests). Over lunch this week, one of my peers, who like me, owns 1 of the 25 largest US PR Agencies explained why his firm would no longer work with Jewish organizations and Pro-Israel concerns. He explained there is simply too much money working for Arab organizations and interests, and between front groups, organizations and projects from a business perspective he was no longer working for Pro-Israel or Jewish organizations. It’s a trend which will grow – and will see Arab interests even more positively portrayed in American media. 
    In the latest news, Bahrain in the last 12 months has hired at least ten public relations companies since last year. Yes, you read it right – 10 – including Qorvis, the Washington company hired by Saudi Arabia to salvage that kingdom's reputation abroad after the 9/11 terrorist attack. The regime of Bahrain which tortures its own citizens has an awful human rights record and doesn’t recognize the existence of Israel, also hired Joe Trippi, former campaign manager for Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential bid, Sanitas International, whose partner Christopher Harvin is a former Bush White House aide.


Charles Martel said...

Pastorious, I have a question for you or for anybody willing to answer.

Isn't this treason? These business firms are helping infiltrate the country and deceive Americans. When can someone be charged with treason? I trust that "business is business" does not apply in cases like this.

Would a citizen's arrest be appropriate? Would it call enough attention to the traitors to make them to cease and desist in their immoral dealings?

I may sound naive, but I'm a foreign born American, and in spite of what many Americans may think, you have an awesome legal system. You don't know what's out there... The system is set to be used. The problem are the people, mostly those who started operating during the last two decades (remember aggressive/creative accounting?) for whom rules/regulations and ethic behaviour are quite flexible.

Would treason apply here?

Pastorius said...

Yeah, I think it is Treason. But, I have looked up the laws on Treason/Sedition and have found that we never actually prosecute anyone under those laws.

No one.

Pastorius said...

Here is the complete list of people we have applied Treason/Sedition laws to in the United States:

Philip Vigol and John Mitchell, convicted of treason and sentenced to hanging; pardoned by George Washington; see Whiskey Rebellion.

Governor Thomas Dorr 1844, convicted of treason against the state of Rhode Island; see Dorr Rebellion; released in 1845; civil rights restored in 1851; verdict annulled in 1854.

John Brown, convicted of treason against the Commonwealth of Virginia in 1859 and executed for attempting to organize armed resistance to slavery.

Aaron Dwight Stevens, took part in John Brown's raid and was executed in 1860 for treason against Virginia.

William Bruce Mumford, convicted of treason and hanged in 1862 for tearing down a United States flag during the American Civil War.

Mary Surratt, Lewis Powell, David Herold, and George Atzerodt, all hanged on July 7, 1865 for treason and conspiracy for the Lincoln assassination and conspiracy - by military tribunal.

Iva Toguri D'Aquino, who is frequently identified with "Tokyo Rose" convicted 1949. Subsequently pardoned by President Gerald Ford.

Herbert Hans Haupt, German-born naturalized U.S. citizen, was convicted of treason in 1942 and executed after being named as a German spy by fellow German spies defecting to the United States.

Martin James Monti, United States Army Air Force pilot, convicted of treason for defecting to the Waffen SS in 1944.

Robert Henry Best, convicted of treason on April 16, 1948 and served a life sentence.

Mildred Gillars, also known as "Axis Sally", convicted of treason on March 8, 1949; served 12 years of a 10- to 30-year prison sentence.

Tomoya Kawakita, sentenced to death for treason in 1952, but eventually released by President John F. Kennedy to be deported to Japan.

Adam Yahiye Gadahn has been indicted for treason as of 2012, but has not been brought to trial as he remains at large.

Epaminondas said...

These guys could dodge a charge of treason EASILY, after all no less that Sec State and Genl Marshall took the arab side as being to the benefit of the USA in 1947-48, and then resigned when Harry told him he intended to recognize Israel immediately