Sunday, September 30, 2012

The Media Have Become An "Enemy of the American People"


Epaminondas said...

Cassandra moment at IBA, again.

It's not that this is discouraging, it's that I am ready for whatever comes next.

The propaganda overload is irresistible when added to its ability to CREATE ELECTION RESULTS BASED ON FALLACY.

It's not elections that have consequences, its the MEDIA VIEW that has consequences.

Since they believe they are right and good they have forgotten truth and IT'S CONSEQUENCES.

Andrea Mitchell and NBC's failure to 'authenticate' Obama's voice for national viewing after his own campaign did so on the interview in which he proclaimed both his faith in redistribution AND a welfare majority in voting, is an ICON for the media today.

Notable exception right now in MSM, Jake Tapper. Good luck to him.

Pastorius said...

The most amazing thing (and we don't actually have a post up about this yet) is that THE MEXICAN MEDIA IS DOING THE AMERICAN MEDIA'S JOB NOW.

Unknown said...

I have known this since 1953 when the Dean at San Diego State forewarned me that the Media is not what I think it is. Truth is not in their bylaws. It is a money making enterprise, only. I believed him and it has been proven millions of times. They control all elections, must approve of all candidates, and generally do what they are told by the European Bankers