Tuesday, September 25, 2012

CNN: Benghazi Consulate was given 'Security Waiver'

From Barrack Now:

We now know that U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens was concerned about al-Qaeda, Islamic extremism and security at his consulate in Benghazi, all because of a diary he kept, that wound up in the hands of CNN. Now, CNN is reporting that the Consulate was issued a 'Security Waiver' because it was a temporary, newly established facility the State Department deemed necessary as stability in the country after Gadhafi's fall was too important.

By leaving the Consulate open for business with a waiver, it essentially meant that no barriers were required, no safe room was needed, and multiple layers of security weren't necessary.

As you'll see in the video report below, it takes a significant amount of time to get a consulate up to snuff when it comes to security requirements. It would seem that while it might take quite a while to construct barriers and safe rooms, having multiple layers of security in the form of armed guards could have been done relatively quickly and might have compensated for the absence of other security measures.

That didn't happen and it's looking increasingly like Stevens was sent into a hornets nest without being protected.

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Charles Martel said...

This is not the first time brainless idiots at State endanger the lives of those who have no saying on how they are protected while serving their country.