Wednesday, September 26, 2012

The INCREDIBLE insistence that Obama enjoys foreign policy success

This morning I watched a person whose appearance looked like it was serious, one Sasha Burns talk about how ‘well’ Obama has conducted himself on the subject of the riots PURPORTEDLY over the world’s dumbest video trailer, and she then used this statement to segue into comments over the manifest foreign policy successes of the Obama admin.
These guys view the middle east as a success. They are serious. They insist on it, over and over like parrots all taught one sentence. It’s a speed bump. I really can't decide if they are trying to fool themselves or the voters. Or if they realize they need to convince themselves in  order to convince the voters. It's some kind of sick process.
I nearly slapped myself to see if I was awake.
If I had to comment on Obama’s UN speech, I would have to say he tried to be fair by  displaying his disgust for the trailer, and his rejection of the riots. The only thing is, this philosophical underpinning of FAIRNESS makes him ideal to replace Ban Ki Moon, but hardly makes him acceptable as president of the USA.
  • Harry Truman did not try to be fair.
  • FDR did not try to be fair.
  • Ike did not try to be fair.
  • Ronald Reagan did not try to be fair.
  • Bill Clinton did not try to be fair.
  • JFK did not try to be fair.
  • LBJ was fair in his distribution of B-52 payloads.
  • Richard Nixon was so fair he alerted the USSR he was ready to destroy the 3rd planet from the sun if they helped to destroy 'one of our most important allies in the ME' (HAH) in 1973, and then punctuated that during the Yom Kippur War (happy anniversary, BTW) by going to DEFCON 2
When he is speaking to the populace here, such as he did on 60 Minutes Obama talks a good game about Israel being noise because he is concerned only with the security of the american people. When he gets in front of the world, he is suddenly trying to be the arbiter of fairness and rightness AMONG THE WORLD POPULATIONS, expecting the reasoning powering his words to be recognized by all as the truth and self evident.
He is a joke. A weak and pompous ass. No one can take the man seriously. Certainly not Achmadinejad, Morsi, the Al Saud, or anyone who heard the guy for more than 30 seconds. His proclamations that he means it when he says no way Iran gets a nuke are the cause of snickering HERE. So what are they doing in Qom?
This RIDICULOUS attempt to be Mr. Fair, set off with Cairo, apologia, and bowing, which fits neatly with his ideas about the bad boy USA, represented by the United Fruit Company, slavery and the Marines in Nicaragua, has reaped manifest failure specifically because it does not recognize REALITY, and is therefore impractical in every application. This can be seen at the start with the comedy routine of his appearance to get Chicago the olympics ..which went to Brazil.
The Islamists have BUT ONE MAIN OBJECTIVE. This objective can only be obtained if they first have control of the nations they actually hold majority in. Egypt. Syria. Tunisia. Yemen. Pakistan. Afghanistan. Iran. ETC. Who knows if they will get further?
Obama’s policy appears to be that Jefferson will appear if a democratic vote occurs, and the muslims will remember the kind and friendly USA (have they actually SAID what their policy IS?). The Islamists understand that the people believe in the Quran, want MORE Quran, and their will is other. As Morsi madeCRYSTAL CLEAR. There will be no Bill of Rights. Therefore, as Obama told McCain, elections have consequences. President Morsi, elected by the will of his people, is making NO ATTEMPT to be or appear to be fair. That’s fine and proper. I have NO ISSUE with him. He is who he is. Fine.
But why is it that Mr. Obama’s failure encompasses that he cannot say to these people .. ‘Look, we are going to have a VERY HARD TIME getting along, and you people understand why. So do we. Let’s start with seeing if there is way to avoid all of us killing each other, because if we cannot, I need to remind you the USA HAS USED nuclear weapons to end a war already and we would prefer for things not to reach this point, SO ENSURE THE GODDAMN EMBASSIES ARE SAFE AND ENSURE YOU YOURSELVES ARE COGNIZANT OF THE END GAME AND IT’S CONSEQUENCE FOR THE ENTIRE PORTION OF THE WORLD’?
I think they will get the point.
We don’t want to kill them.
But we will IF WE HAVE TO. If others make that conclusion COMPULSORY.
If they BELIEVE this, then we can begin to find a way to work together to avoid negative outcomes. If they do not believe this, we will get more of the same, more disorder, Iran with nukes, feeling safe from American and Israeli reprisal attacks, and a world of entropy.
This is an ugly, ugly starting point. But it’s the best way to PRESERVE LIVES. In this manner we can HOPE, as we did with the USSR that time, resistance, and our example and way of life WILL cause some kind of Muslim Yeltsin to eventually emerge. A man who will concentrate on improving the lives of their people in THIS WORLD, instead of inciting them to violence in the name of god one way or the other, for a boat load of submissive wimmin’ and wine in the next because a supposedly uncreated perfect set of documents says so.
This is the ONLY WAY to ‘help’ the middle east with no interference, and to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution, something Mr. Obama is having a very hard time doing … I wonder why.

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