Monday, September 24, 2012

Obama Cancels Meeting with Morsi

Political expediency? The realization that the Obama administration's foreign policy has failed?  I doubt the latter because Barack Hussein Obama is a narcissist of the highest sort.  Or should that be "of the lowest sort"?  Whatever.

From the Daily Caller:
President Barack Obama has quietly cancelled a politically risky plan to meet this week with Egypt’s new Islamist president.

The plan was cancelled amid a wave of riots and attacks in Arab countries that have damaged Obama’s campaign-trail claim to foreign policy competence.

In 2011, Obama had “bilateral” meetings with 13 Arab and world leaders during the annual U.S. summit. This year, amid the foreign policy meltdown, his schedule shows no so-called “bilats” with any foreign leaders....


Unknown said...

Hi AOW, instead Morsi will be Bill Clinton's 'guest' and i'm sure O his blacberry will be working overtime.

Pastorius said...

Morsi will probably have his second office in the White House if Obama is elected to another term.

Anonymous said...

This an electoral move. After the 60 Minutes interview with Romney, the Obama strategists must have figured out they would never hear the end of this suicidal move. I hope he still meets with Ahmadinejad. We could get a lot of mileage from that.