Friday, May 20, 2016

A German News Video on the new Round of Grope, Rape and Rob Attacks by Muslims in Germany

Judging by the look crafted for this show, it appears to be the German answer to one of our Morning shows where the hosts are all cheery, drinking coffee, gossiping, and maybe silly domestic sex jokes.

If that is the kind of show this is, and they are reporting on Muslims groping, raping, and robbing, then you  can tell Civilization itself is about to collapse.


Anonymous said...

All three suspects, two 17 year old male attackers with Turkish passports, one 14 year old without verifiable nationality caught with stolen cell phone - ALL THREE WERE ALREADY KNOWN TO THE POLICE THROUGH PRIOR INFRACTIONS FOR ASSAULT, PROPERTY DAMAGE AND BODILY HARM
were simply handed over to their parents!!!

Germany better reconsider instituting their own second amendment or anticipate a surge in vigilante action permanently removing these assailants and their protectors.

Anonymous said...


Eagles of Death Metal concert cancelled by French event organizer. Reason: the singer's " Islamophobic " utterances in a Takimag interview.