Monday, May 30, 2016

The cancer spreads

A mathematics professor at a German university was fired after he gave students problems to solve in class critical of Islam.
From drawing cartoons to simple statistics, criticizing Islam in any way is becoming unacceptable.
According to one student in Berlin the professor had made them calculate the relationship between Muslim populations and suicide bombings saying “we were to calculate the statistical relationship between the number of terrorist attacks and the proportion of Muslims in the population.” Students were also asked to calculate the rate of female genital mutilation in Egypt.
Why did the German university administration fire the professor? They should have let the research continue. But then, the bitter truth would have been there for everybody to see.

Also, I'm curious about the statistical relationship between the proportion of Muslims and:
  1. The amount of inbreeding and its subsequent unhealthy consequences.
  2. The number of Nobel Prize winners in the sciences.
  3. The vicious treatment of homosexuals.
  4. The lack of religious freedom.
  5. The literacy rate.
Relative to other major religious groups, Muslims are inbred, dumb, gay-killing, intolerant, and ignorant cunts. This isn't a "phobia". It's the harsh, ugly reality.

(Originally posted at Isaac Schrödinger.)