Monday, May 30, 2016

Sunday's Shootings In Houston

Two dead. Six injured.

See THIS, dated May 30, 2016, 7:44 AM ET, at NBC News:
Two people were killed, six others were were injured and a helicopter was struck after at least one gunman armed with a high-powered rifle began "shooting randomly" in Houston on Sunday, police said.

One suspect and one bystander were among the dead.

Four people and two constables were also injured, interim Houston Police Chief Martha Montalvo said, adding that both officers were released from the hospital. One suffered a wounded hand; the other was shot in a bullet-proof vest.

Authorities described a chaotic scene: A gas pump was struck during the shooting erupted in flames, and a helicopter helping to secure the area was hit with five bullets, police said.

A bomb squad was called to the area to detonate a suspicious item, officials told NBC News, and cars in the area, including two police cruisers, were shot. Photos released by the police department showed one vehicle with at least a dozen bullet holes in the windshield and the hood.

Authorities initially said there were two suspects, neither of whom were identified. One was injured during the shooting and hospitalized. The second man was pronounced dead at the scene; Houston police spokesman John Cannon described him as "the main active shooter" and said he was armed with a pistol and an "AR-15-type weapon."


The motive remained unclear. Earlier Sunday, Montalvo said that "everything is open at this time."...
Read the rest HERE.

Interestingly, CNN, which usually covers such events, has said very little about this shooting. Typically, CNN provides wall-to-wall coverage of such events. Ad nauseum.


Pastorius said...

I did not pay attention to this at all, because I figured it was just another crazed lone gunman.

But now, knowing there are no reports on the names of the shooters, I think I know what happened.

Interesting, no news is a clearer report of news these days than actual reporting.

Always On Watch said...

Like you, I didn't pay much attention to this incident.

But now?

Yes, this is on my radar.

Isn't Houston a hotbed of Moslems?

Anonymous said...

Quote: "The other is a citizen who was shot and killed inside a vehicle, police said. link
--->implying the shooters were 'not' citizens?

Always On Watch said...

Excellent observation about that "citizen" comment.

Anonymous said...

Strange. Early on I seen a description of the shooter as a white man in a white track suit. White track suit or white robe ? he early reports in San Bernardino said the shooters were white, just like this time.
Houston has some bad parts of town but this isn’t one of them. Shooting was near Memorial Dive and Wilcrest in a mainly upper middle class mostly white neighborhood

Anonymous said...

Good question...Shooter identified as 25-year-old veteran , "Dionisio Garza III" is from San Bernardino County, California Any relation to the San Bernardino revert/co-conspirator, Enrique Marquez Jr.

Always On Watch said...

Houston Police were back on the scene Monday morning where eight people were shot to check out a bag. They believe it was detonated by SWAT Sunday night and left behind right next to this gas station that erupted in flames during the gunfire.

Officers said the bag, which contained ammo and documents, may belong the suspect.