Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I saw this and 5 words in, I read it in MR's voice


midnight rider said...

YEEEEEESSSSS! A good Ribeye or even a nice thick Porterhouse. Match that puppy up with the Cab Sauv or just as good Dancing Bull Zinfandel (a REAL RED big bold Zin, not one of these pussy white Zins which are just a blush) or Fat Bastard Syrah.

And yeah no butter no garlic or onion no A1 or any of that other shit. Why the hell would you want to cover up the flavor of the meat?!?

As for the taters either steak or cottage fries (the big thick as your fucking thumb ones) or thick mashed lubricated with the steak juices themselves.

NO ketchup on either of them. Anyone using ketchup on a meal like this should be put up against the fucking wall and denied both blindfold and cigarette.

Anonymous said...


midnight rider said...

And for best results that frying pan ought to be bank vault tough heavy American made cast iron.