Saturday, May 28, 2016

Why Trump Won the Republican Nomination

From Ace of Spades:
Trump won because when a Native American activist (posing as a journalist) declared that "Pocahantas" was "very offensive" as used in regard to Elizabeth Warren -- dishonestly, I might add, as everyone knows the term is used to deny she's an Indian, not to denigrate her as an Indian, and everyone knows this, and only a liar pretends otherwise -- Trump did not begin falling over himself to make apologies and keep the well-wishes of the increasingly unreasonable left-wing hegemony. He just began making fun of the stupid silly bitch for being a stupid silly bitch. 
People are fucking tired of walking around on eggshells and being made to apologize for every fucking goddamn thing in the world. And what we increasingly want is a political leadership that tells the Grievance Mongers and Offense Farmers to shut the fuck up and get bent rather than explaining to them how a Conservative Version of Political Correctness Can Achieve All the Good Things That Liberal Political Correctness Can Achieve, But Using Market-Based Mechanisms. 
It's time to stop fucking about it. I'm tired of it, and I know millions of other people are tired of it too. So I don't give a fuck anymore if some dishonest bitch dishonestly feigns offense over the term "Pocahantas." 
It's time to start treating them as what they are -- dishonest liars trying to control you. 
And it's time to start treating them as straight up internal enemies. 
We tried it polite. We've been falling all ourselves for 30 years to try to convince the increasingly extremist left wing assholes that we're not all the foul things they call us. 
It's impossible -- their jobs, their income, and their government subsidies depend on us being treated as second-class citizens and beasts for taxation. 
It's about time we woke and realized they cannot be convinced, because they never really believed their bullshit anyway, it was always for the purposes of exacting rents out of people and making them knuckle under.


midnight rider said...

Kinda what we said on Gathering Storm today. But where we were more succinct Ace is more -- um -- eloquent.

Pastorius said...

It takes Ace more words to get to the point because he fucking hates Trump.

For Ace, admitting that Trump is good is like taking a cement-hard shit. It's really painful and frightening, but when it's over I'm sure he feels better.

thelastenglishprince said...

After work I loaded the second Trump rally from yesterday. I recommend all who have the time watch it.

I like Trump's style. He does not let the dust settle regarding his enemies. He calls them out by name. At least take a few minutes to scroll through the video (I used Conservative Treehouse this time) and see how he decimates Barbara Ress.

Trump made Barb'd tongue Ress a construction site boss over a large project long before it was avante garde to do so. She worked for him for many years. She left. And as he noted, "E mails are forever... I have many e mails where she begged me to come back." Anyway, the man gave her a leg up, gave her respect - and now she blasts his ass in an interview.

I went over to Ms. Ress Twitter feed and she seems a bit psychologically deranged. Her comments are all over the page. But she said that Trump hired women because she knew they would work harder to prove themselves, so he made money off of them. Really? I wonder how much Ms. Ress earned while working for Trump?

He calls out Robbins Geller (et al) law firm. He sets the record straight and does not shed a tear when embarking on what is a necessary clean up of his image.

Trump is giving Americans a great gift. He is giving us back our backbones and telling us not to act like a bunch of squid floundering on a beach.