Sunday, May 22, 2016

Roger Ailes Heard "Snickering With Glee" At Megyn Kelly's Failed Fox Special

Transgender reported:
New York’s Gabriel Sherman is reporting that in addition to being a ratings and financial failure, Megyn Kelly’s interview with Donald Trump has resulted in her losing most of the leverage she had in her upcoming contract negotiations. 
Fox executives were willing to consider 9 million viewers a success, but Kelly’s supposedly mainstream appeal didn’t translate to the parent network, and she only netted 4.8 million viewers. 
It was, as one Fox insider told Sherman, “not good for her at all.” 
In fact, her boss Roger Ailes was apparently so tickled by the fact that he would not have to pay her a reported $25 million to remain at Fox News that he was heard “snickering” in a Thursday meeting when the special was mentioned.
Boy, has Megyn Kelly miscalculated.  She thought she could go full-court Feminist/Social Justice Warrior on Donald Trump. BUT, instead of winning, she has suffered a career meltdown.

She's just one step above Michelle FIelds.

Except that, at least, Fileds has Ben Shapiro to lick her ass after she takes a dump.

Megyn doesn't even have that.


Always On Watch said...

As my grandmother used to say:

"She got too big for her britches"


"She really showed her tail."

Pastorius said...

She's getting a little too old to be showing her tail.


Always On Watch said...

She doesn't think so. **chuckle**

Epaminondas said...

I heard they will replace her with an outsourced news anchor from Shenzen

Perfect for Fox

Pastorius said...

When I think about it, I have trouble bringing to mind any public personality who has more seriously miscalculated than Megyn Kelly.

well, maybe Karl Rove.

Yeah, Karl Rove beats her hands down.

Pastorius said...

I'm sensing a paradigm shift.

Pastorius said...


Always On Watch said...

Hey, Karl! Can you hear me now?

christian soldier said...

I am happy that my- 'make megyn go away"--will come true!!
I also used the same format for rove--what are the chances we can 'make him go away'!>>>

Pastorius said...

What "Make My Megan Go Away"?

What is your formula?

christian soldier said...

she is not MY megyn -i stated
"make megyn go away"--
-and there are many like myself- who have stated the same- blogs et al--
if we keep boycotting her show--she will go away- follow the $$$ and

according to your post- Ailes is happy too--follow the $$$ no $25 million contract >>>

many of us called for a boycott of megyn and her stats have gone down>>>>

Pastorius said...

I see.

I don't have cable. I know almost nothing about all this. I do know who Megyn Kelly is, and I can only say, she has decided to go Transgender at exactly the wrong moment. She's ugly, disgusting, and a feminist dykish bitch that no man would want.

Way to target your audience during this paradigm shift, dumb bitch.

Nicoenarg said...


I gotta tell you Pasto, I think you have a natural talent with these captions you put under images.

Pastorius said...

Thanks, Nico. I have fun with it.

Always On Watch said...

Make Megyn go away...

Eddy Arnold's "Make the World Go Away".