Monday, May 23, 2016

Showing off his true colors, as usual

The far-left blogger called "Notintheface1" recently posted the following tweet after Donald Trump became GOP nominee for presidential run:

Just don't take a guy who complains about 9-11 ruining comics seriously if this is all he cares about. What a low-grade dummy indeed. Here's more of his Volkswagen-level junk:

Yeah, but you do too, "achlab" (Arabic for "dog").

Correction: here's an example of a Democrat who won't support Sanders or Clinton but whom you know damn well is going to reverse his standing by October.

How does somebody who may have said he's in his late 40s not consider the contents of the Koran?

I'll remember my reaction to his lethargic little rants as a shake of the head, because he sure does seem to consider Arabs expendable if he's opposed to bringing down a tyrant, and let's not forget his apparent disinterest in trying to discourage anybody from adhering to Islam. Just another typical far-leftist who's got no sense of chivalry.

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