Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Another Salvo - this time in the land of Oz

I have not posted much on the Australian riots because I really wanted to see how the American media handled this situation. Not surprisingly it has been underreported and the surfie rioters have been described by the MSM as neo Nazis.

Most Americans are probably not aware of the huge influx of immigrants into Australia. My friend Gravel has told me that 100 years ago Australia was 80% Anglo-Celt, today it's 40%. As a consequence Australia is struggling to define itself. Add to that the mostly Muslim groups who do not want to assimilate and you have a place that has finally started to boil over.(remind you of our friends the French - although I hope the Aussies will handle this much differently). I feel for the Aussies, they are one laid back group of people and it's a shame they have to deal with this element of society.

If you listened to the MSM you would have sworn that the cause of the riots was a bunch of drunk surfer racist Nazi's. But if you read here you will see that there is really a rather long laundry list of wrongs perpetrated by these Lebanese gangs. The list includes gang rapes, terror arrests and attacks on life guards. It has been predicted for some time now given the rise in middle eastern crime in Australia and law enforcement has been taking less and less action against these gangs.

h/t Peter Faris QC

“In hundreds upon hundreds of incidents police have backed down to Middle Eastern thugs and taken no action and allowed incidents to go unpunished. Again I stress the unbelievable influence that local politicians and religious leaders played in covering up the real state of play in the southwest.”

This from an article written in April 2005:

Then there are comments by Sheik Faiz Mohamad, a graduate of Islamic law and lecturer at an Islamic centre in southwestern Sydney. Faiz's comments, that women largely bear responsibility for rape if they make themselves an object of sexual desire, have upset many in a religious community that is still haunted by images and stories of Bosnian refugees being gang-raped during the recent war. The fear is that as Australians outside the Muslim community become aware of his comments, a wider backlash will result. Yea no kidding.

Now they are burning churches, beating women with bats and shooting at Catholic school children.

Can you feel the level of frustration the average Aussie must be feeling right now.

I asked an Aussie friend of mine to tell me what is really going on there. I thought you might be interested in getting a first person take on what is going on in the land of Oz.

"The reactions are predictable. If you only relied on MSM to form opinion, then it would appear to be a clear case of "White man bad", but cracks began to appear in that MSM front from day one.

Our media is controlled, to an enormous extent, by two men, Kerry Packer, an avowed and public atheist, and our old internationalist friend, Rupert Murdock. They own all the TV and most of the print media.... so their politics is rampant. Murdock is is bed with a Saudi Sheik, so his position was pre-determined.

However, Radio has become the focal point. Talk-back is not the domain of either Mogul and it has been telling it like it is.

The State Government is being seen, very clearly, as a major causative, and as having no idea (or intention) of how to cope. Their very predictable response has been to give themselves more police powers to defray large crowds etc. Pointless. Most Australians are kinda appalled at the state our various police forces have been allowed to sink to. Seriously, they now have problems dealing with railway fare evaders and school yard bullies. They are politically correct to the point of being a joke. The Police Forces was one area where "feminists" really went for "inclusiveness" and "tolerance". WE have Police Cultural Awareness Units!!!!! WE have Muslim Police women, purely to be representational.

"More powers" is not causing too much concern, except to the civil libertarians. ON the street its a case of, same old, same old. And an awareness that "authority" is not dealing with the problem, and is actually exacerbating it, by their attitude.

The overwhelming feeling here, even among those who decry the violence of Saturday, appears to be that it was inevitable and that it was reaction to known aggressive Leb attitudes that have been happening for years. It is not only the beaches where this happens, you see. Everywhere that Leb society intersects with mainstream, there have been clashes, and for years. There are not too many people who don't know how bad it has been. Parks, beaches, Forests, tourist attractions, cinemas, restaurants, ....whatever, when the Lebs turn up, everyone had better leave, or bloodshed follows. One Rugby League Club, the Canterbury Bulldogs has been co-opted by Leb youth as "their" team, and there have been increasing footie riots over the last five years, something unheard of here.

Alarmingly, for the State Govt, so many "interviews" with older, more sedate members of society are airing, where the attitude is..... we have taken so much of this abuse, and we can only take so much. One very common tactic of Leb youth has been getting an airing, and from many different suburbs... the "tactic" of marching into "white" restaurants (white??? Thai/Indian...anything that is not Leb!!) and spitting on the patrons and in their food. This has been happening for years. The Rape Gangs....every one knows. It was kids who "took back the beach", but their parents agree!!!!

We don't have a Govt that will dare look at the truth, as they were the party that actively promoted Multi-Culti. Our Premier (I still think of NSW as "mine"!!!) is from an ethnic minority, and does not wish to acknowledge that "original" Australians have legitimate gripes. So, the official line is that this is a "Law and Order" issue. It is, to some degree (minimal - there are always thugs who turn up at street events!) but people are looking at the State Govt for a truthful assessment and response. Not getting it, the death kneel for this Labor Govt has sounded. Several State Labor MPs acknowledge this and are acting accordingly, trying to save lost ground. Too late, I suspect, but there are cracks appearing all over their so-called "united" Party.

Federally, John Howard is standing by his position. Australia is not racist. He flew out to Malaysia yesterday to attend the APEC conference, so that official line was being hammered, as he has to talk turkey with countries who are quick to criticise. With the "no racist" line set in cement, Howard is at direct odds with Iemma/NSW Labor. AS NSW Labor has to appeal to Howard for approval of the "new powers" law, there is an interesting war shaping up there!!!!

All in all I feel pretty good, although I'd like to see more, and this has certainly brought my anger and frustration up above ground. You never win the war at the first skirmish, but all things considered, for an opening campaign it was very good. Because, we are right! And I have no hesitation or embarrassment in saying that loud and clear. The injustices the "original" communities have had to swallow, and for so many years, are coming home to roost. WE demand.

This coming weekend I expect more, and I expect the first deaths very soon. A Catholic Church Nativity Play was shot up last night, and a Church Hall in another suburb was burned down. Unfortunately for the Muslims, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, George Pell, a GOOD man and a very public and POLITICALLY POWERFUL MAN was at that Nativity play, when it was shot at. Not a good PR move. Catholic or not, Pell has a LOT of respect, and a lot of clout!!!

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! But, someone will die, and very soon.
The degree to which this has mobilised "average Australia" is also noteworthy. It seems no-one is without an opinion. At the shop-counter, everyone is talking. All good!!!! In laid back, "she'll be right", "no worries" Australia, that in itself is remarkable.

I think blogging is getting the truth out there, but no-one with any sensibility would expect that Australia is being painted in a good light by International media at the moment.
One very Australian attitude is....... who gives a f**k what they think.
Amen to that!
Catch ya later.......exciting times!!!!"

Given CAIR's Omar Ahmad's statement:

"Those who stay in America should be open to society without melting, keeping Mosques open so anyone can come and learn about Islam. If you choose to live here, you have a responsibility to deliver the message of Islam ... Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faiths, but to become dominant. The Koran, the Muslim book of scripture, should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." - Omar Ahmad

Think this can't happen here?


Pastorius said...

Great reporting Elmers Bro. Wow.

I had been wondering what was going on on the ground. I've been scouring articles and blog posts, and yours is only the second I have seen that goes into such depth. Thank you.

elmers brother said...

it's too easy to pass on what the average joe is going through and just hear the pundits

Dag said...

Our friend Nilknarf at has some good copy on the situation in Oz. also, there are links to others.

It's both interesting and totally predictable that the MSM would paint any reaction to the Muslim mayhem as neo-Nazi thuggery. It's a good way of keeping people from associating with the opposition to jihad. Anyone who sympathizes with the infidels is automatically tarred as a neo-Nazi, and there aren't too many people who'll endure that. It was a good p.r. move on the part of the dhimmi pol.s and media air-heads. The question now is how to counter that move effectively.