Sunday, December 25, 2005

The Free Press and History's Lessons

In wartime, any nation has the right to defend itself. Villagers with Torches points out how some folks want to challenge this-- and some interesting parallels between WWII and the current war.

World War II:
In 1942 shortly after the Battle of Midway was won by undermanned, underplaned, and desperate American forces, the Chicago Tribune published the fact that the US was reading Japanese Naval Codes. This paper and to others which published this info were virulently anti FDR, isolationist republican papers. The Navy wanted the reporter arrested as a spy.

In fact the battle had been won because knowing where the Japanese were, and there approximate arrival time gave the US the chance to have the right planes in the air at the right time, and in the right place from our two good carriers left, and one severely damaged carrier (which would be sunk) to whack the Japanese fleet which was 2-3 times the size of ours.
The Current War:

The government's collection and analysis of phone and Internet traffic have raised questions among some law enforcement and judicial officials familiar with the program. One issue of concern to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, which has reviewed some separate warrant applications growing out of the N.S.A.'s surveillance program, is whether the court has legal authority over calls outside the United States that happen to pass through American-based telephonic "switches," according to officials familiar with the matter."

Are you kidding me?

This is NOT Vietnam we are toying around with. Tomorrow is not guaranteed, even if it's Christmas.

What's it going to take to get thru to these morons? LA desolated? Read the Entire Article

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Always On Watch said...

This image of the jetliner striking the WTC is an image which I can never forget. Every time I see that 9/11, cerulean sky, I'm taken back to that day. In our home, we see that kind of blue sky quite often in the fall, and the sight causes us to say, "Look! It's a September 11 sky."

I'm not much worried about wire-tapping.

Krishna109 said...

I believe I read that shortly after 911, most of the media decided not to show pictures of the airplanes hitting the WTC, so as "not to upset people" . . . ???

Btw, there is an excellent short "slideshow" video tribute to 911 that people can put on their blogs. Its called "Never Forget". If anyone hasn't yet seen it & is interested, I have just posted it (its a short way down in the left hand column of my blog). There's also a link there if you want to get the code to put it on your blog.