Thursday, December 15, 2005

Islamists Attack Churches. Christains Don't Riot. World Continues Yawning.

Four churches in Sydney's southwest have been attacked in 24 hours as the city's riots spread from race to religion. Of course these attacks are the work of the infamous "very small minority." Aren't they always?

Notice how little coverage this gets. Notice the lack of riots in Italy, the US and Britain. Listen this Sunday to priests and preachers all over Christendom not call for violent retribution and holy war against the heathens.

At this point a mosque burning or some similar action against Islamic symbols in Australia seems inevitable. Watch what happens when one mosque is attacked, much less four. Watch for the widespread coverage, the global outrage (and not just Muslim nations either.) Listen for the pinheads on the BBC and NPR wringing their hands about the "racist nature of Australian society," with no disclaimer about any tiny minority. Listen for the death threats against Australian public figures. Watch as politicians get bodyguards and wear flack jackets.

Australians should be examining the situation in Holland very closely. It's a glimpse of their future, only perhaps, worse.

This post is a continuation of Shots Fired at Churches. World Yawns.


Krishna109 said...

The bias of the MSM seems to be getting more and more extreme. I wonder when the majority of people will start to realize it? (Perhaps some are-- the circulation of major newspapers keeps dropping, as does the viewship of the main news programs on TV. Apparently some folks are starting to seek to seek alternative points of view).

elmers brother said...

the stark contrast between the religion of peace and those of the christian faith

Pastorius said...

You're right. The bias of the MSM does seem to be getting worse, possibly because it is born of desperation.

There was a very revealing admission from a al-Guardian writer today. He said that he had seen a Memri video and tranlation from Arab Media. It showed a three-year old girl, whom the Arab TV proclaimed was an example of a good Muslim, explaining why she hated Jews.

The al-Guardian writer said this was the last straw for him and "apologetics" didn't seem appropriate anymore.

In other words, he admitted that, up to now, he had been doing apologetics for Islam.

Sometimes you just gotta love your enemies, you know, like, when they tell the truth.

That's on Little Green Footballs from Wednesday December 14th, if you want to look it up.

Thomas, excellent post.

Jeez, man, we've got a great frickin' blog here, don't we?

Krishna109 said...


Your description sounds like this video:

Probably, of all the hate videos I've seen from Arab TV, that one is the most convincing . . . (some of the Friday sermons on PA TV run a close second).

Incidentally, I have a link to that and a few similar ones on my blog in the links section. Also, btw, I've noticed that Justify This! has some great links to videos too, along with a still photo for each one. (I believe he also has a link to the one mentioned above).

Anonymous said...

I think about this all the time. But what to do? Im not sure if more violence is the solution, but also know to do nothing is a greater evil, and I dont want to hate or spread hate. Guess what you do depends on you protect or destroy. and what started all this anyway? I keep seeing people blame oppression.. but name one group that has never been oppressed. christians are oppressed all over the world and they dont start riots.