Friday, December 30, 2005

More Disgusting Moonbat Nuttiness: "Citizens Against the Troops"

These "pro-peace" people are a nasty lot. Right Wing News reports on one of their websites. Here are a few quotes:
"Above are people from Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, protesting at a dead scumbag's funeral earlier this year. They are heroes, and make a valid point: Dead soldiers are a good thing!"

"The count of dead scumbags rises often. When the body count does rise, we celebrate American stupidity. Remember: A soldier who dies for his country still dies and another dude gets his bitch. We are citizens against the U.S. troops. Donald Rumsfeld is pledging that the number of troops in Iraq will be reduced, but does this mean that those scumbags will be kicked out of the military? Nope. They will continue to live the cushy life at the expense of the taxpayer. Over the holiday weekend, at least three scumbags died. Semper Cry!"
You can read the whole article about them at: Right Wing News.

Don't visit their site unless you have a strong stomach: Citizens Against the Troops. (Normally I would not post a link to a hate site such as this. In this case, however, I think that the more people that actually see how crazy these nutcases are, the better).

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Pastorius said...

Last night I left a comment here and it disappeared somehow. That's interesting.

Here goes again.

These guys guys are either out of their minds, or they are putting us on.

The statement that American soldiers live a cushy life at the expense of taxpayers is particularly preposterous.

But, the thing is, I have this feeling this site is a setup by someone on the Right. The idea being to make lefties look totally sick.

It's hard for me to believe anyone could be so stupid. And, if these guys really are lefties against the war, and they really are this stupid, then we have met the lefty equivalent of the KKK.

PRan said...

War is something we should have not discovered...

Nice blog.

Krishna109 said...

Sometimes I visit discussion groups of both the Left and Right. Every so often on a "Conservative" site I see a message about how "Liberals" are really nutty, lie a lot, etc. (but Conservatives aren't). Every so often on a "Liberal" site I see a message about how "Conservatives" are really nutty, lie a lot, etc. (but Liberals aren't).

Obiously, there are some mentally ill people in the world. Some of them are "political"-- and become extremists of either the Left or Right. So it seems to me that there are probably an equal number of lunatics who choose to go either "Left" or "Right" and it would be foolish to judge a group or political movement by a few nut cases.

I think the important thing is to determine whether or not any group of nutcases represents the majority of any particular movement-- or whether they are merely a few isolated cases. In the case of both "Liberal" and "Conservative" groups in the US, I think that most are ordinary people with various opinions-- and a few nutty types have joined both sides.

Islam is, perhaps, a different case. It is interesting to consider whether, as most of the media would have us believe, they are like any other religion (with just a few crazies such as you would find in any group)-- or whether the craziness is inherent in, and encouraged by, the actual belief system itself . . . ?

Jason Pappas said...

Most of these sites have a problem: inbreeding. They have a narrow focus and they lose track of the big picture context. I know this from living in New York and meeting people who have no idea of what the rest of the country is like. There are some funny examples.

Pauline Keel (sp?) in the New Yorker expressed shock that Nixon got re-elected in 1972 (49 out of 50 states) saying “I don’t know anyone who voted for him.” One person in my office was shocked that Reagan got elected in 1980. “Who voted for him?” And remember that a moderate Republic (Anderson) ran on a third party ticket to protest Reagan’s nomination. The Bush re-election shocked many New Yorkers. Often my wife said she was often the only person in a group that wasn’t shocked and in depression. New Yorkers, in many cases, associate with like-minded Leftists and can’t believe that Michael Moore’s movie is not a fair and balanced documentary.

The more they talk to each other, the more they become stilted and inbred. But that’s why it’s good to talk to reasonable people that hold different views. Plus, you may convince a few to reconsider … if not now, you’ll plant the seed!

Oh, yes. Trolls do try to impersonate the other side. I’ve seen this happen and I try to come down on those that spew racism. It looks good that we don’t allow Dave Duke into the Republican Convention while Kerry has Michael Moore sitting in the guest of honor box.

Pastorius said...

Good points, Krishna and Jason,

I think it is true that many Liberals probably secretly have hatred for anyone who would choose to don a military uniform. However, I think most any American in their right mind knows that it's not ok to wish death on the American military. And, like I said, the idea that guys in the military live cushy lives is so preposterous. It sounds like satire.

Is there a way to find out, do you think?

Krishna109 said...

I've heard that "How could he have gotten elected-- I don't know anyone who voted for him" many times. And-- for many people its really true. If you live in say NYC or San Francisco (or Berkeley!), you may not know anyone who votes Republican-- so you really begin to wonder how they could have gotten elected. In fact, I believe that's one way conspiracy theories start-- if it seems that everyone voted Democratic, and a Republican is elected, the obvious conclusion would be that the Republicans "stuffed the ballot boxes".

Of course, if you lived in a small town or rural area in the deep South or the Rockies, probably everyone you know votes Republican, and you might wonder how a Democrat ever got elected.

Krishna109 said...

Imagine how our soldiers in Iraq feel when they see this kind of thing :-(

Krishna109 said...

Re: David Duke. He and Galloway recently made trips to Syria to show their support for the Syrian government-- video clips and texts:

Anonymous said...

Their site has been taken down! Now redirects to New England Police Network!

Krishna109 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Krishna109 said...

Apparently this was not a hoax. There is a mentally disturbed person by the name of Michael Crook who was behind this. He had a few friends with similar views who got a bit of publicity. I could be wrong, but at this point it seems this is not a major trend, but rather a few isolated individuals.

In retrospect, it probably wasn't worth posting...this story is a distraction from more important issues (I'm removing it from my blog :-)