Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What Am I Missing!?

I have been a bit angry with the media in the US lately.

Or at least, angry AGAIN, if not lately.

They won't say boo to Iran about their nuclear program that threatens the lives of the entire world.

Yet they won't stop talking about the fact that Bush authorized eavesdropping on international phone conversations, and they celebrate the fact that key parts of the Patriot-Act were blocked.

More on that at The Fu2rman and Friends.

I thought maybe it was just me.

Am I the only one that notices the bias that the media puts on every story?

Apparently not.

I found this.

I have come to the point that I beleive the US Media is guilty of treason, and that would include a number of elected officials as well.

But, of course, The Right Wing of The US would never suggest such a thing.

Even though the Left-Socialist-Billionaire, John Kerry would suggest a Bush Impeachment.

Oh, what next!?


Always On Watch said...

With the release of the information about the NSA program, the media have placed all of us in jeopardy.

Pastorius said...

Yes, what you say seems to be the consensus. I certainly agree.

What can we do about it?

Krishna109 said...

What's next? One of the things the Moonbats are up to-- persuing Kerry's suggestion:

(from http://www.cnn.com/2005/POLITICS/12/20/sr.tues/index.html?section=cnn_latest):
>BOXER TOSSING AROUND THE I-WORD: On the seventh anniversary of the House's decision to impeach then-President Bill Clinton, a pair of leading Congressional Democrats raised the specter of impeachment regarding President Bush's authorization of domestic spying by the National Security Agency. Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.) on Monday sent a letter to legal scholars asking their opinion of whether Bush's actions, revealed last week, amount to an unconstitutional action that warrants Congress considering impeachment proceedings. Boxer, the Chief Deputy Minority Whip, appeared on a radio program over the weekend with Nixon White House Counsel John Dean, who said that the NSA executive order was an impeachable offense. <

Obviously its a propaganda ploy, and its really an indication of how desperate they are-- and how out of touch they are with most Americans. Aside from the fact that Bush has not even come close to committing an impeachable offense, given the Republican control of Congress, the idea of impeachment is totally absurd. The chances that they would actually get anywhere with impeachment are nil.

Why are they doing this? Other than a few cases of mental illness on Capitol Hill, it reminds me of instances where truly innocent people have been falsely accused of, say, having sex with children-- even if they are acquitted of the charges, doubt lingers in peoples' minds. Its an effective (but sleazy) tactic to defame someone. I think some Democrats are hoping that the mere fact that they brought up the issue of an impeachable offense will cause some people to wonder if Bush has, indeed, committed one.

This is all total craziness. However, the "good news" about all of this is it really indicates how desperate they really are. If they did have widespread support amongst the general public, they wouldn't have to attempt these far out maneuvers.

Krishna109 said...

Pastorius: I have wondered the same thing. (what can we do about it?). I really don't know, either. It seems to me that its its really hard to counter this, when so much of the media is involved. (Even FOX is apparently being corrupted by the Saudis).

While its not a total solution, perhaps we are already doing the most effective thing we can. The best counter to lies and disinformation is to spread the truth. By our blogging activities, we are doing just that. (Viewership of conventional media is falling-- they are losing credibility among many people, and more and more people are seeking alternative sources of news on the internet).

I think that we should also look for other actions we could take, but our blogging activties seem to be a good start. (And, IBA makes the information we have even more widely available).