Friday, December 09, 2005

Admadenijad's video

I have posted a very important video in my blog. Just click here.


JMJ said...

Thanks so much for the video.

Frontline and more media need to do major stories on this. Word needs to get out.

Being European/Spanish yourself(?), do you see any trend at all away from the appeasement mentality in Europe?

Percentage-wise, how would you break down your immediate group of friends , et al? Spain as whole? Europe as a whole?

Middle of the Road
The "Infidel" Resistance

Krishna109 said...

blueslord: Thanks for the video. I posted a link on my site.

jmj certainly has a good point. The word needs to get out. The question is, in addition to posting things like this on our blogs, how can we make the facts known to the general population?