Sunday, December 18, 2005

This is a Good Idea.

September 11 changed everything, right? Sure, if by everything you mean nothing.

Urgently trying to improve relations with the United States, the Saudi Arabian government is promoting a scholarship program that has already more than doubled the number of new Saudi enrollments at American colleges and universities since last year. ...

Brilliant! Everyone knows America needs more Saudis on student visas.

James Oberwetter, the United States ambassador to Saudi Arabia, said in an interview that the drop "in exposure the population has had to the United States" was not helpful for the Saudis "at a time when they need to be looking outward instead of inward." ...

Mr. Oberwetter is in Washington this week, and one of his missions, he said, is to get approval to install more visa officers. The State Department does not want to put more personnel into Saudi Arabia at a time when foreigners there are targets of attack.
Of course it goes without saying that the U.S. ambassador's job is to advocate for what is most helpful to Saudis. And how are we going to get more Saudis into the U.S. without putting more visa officers in Saudi Arabia? We trust the State Department to make the best decisions regarding our collective safety.

After all, what's the worst that can happen?


Always On Watch said...

Dear God! Bring in more Saudis??? Already, Saudi-born individuals own many huge companies here in the United States. Among those companies are real-estate buyers and developers.

When are we going to recognize that the idea of "Once they come here, they will love us and the American way of life" doesn't work with dedicated Wahhabists?

Is our State Department going to take the word of Saudi visas handlers?

An American friend of mine lives in Saudi and tells me that the government there is loaded with "secret" Wahhabists. Many of the terrorist attacks inside Saudi are inside jobs. Surely if my friend knows that fact, our government does.

Epaminondas said...

Yes, but we need more pilots

Jason Pappas said...

The State Department still undermines our safety. That this can happen without a popular uproar is sad. It's back to pre-9/11 thinking.

When we lie to ourselves about the problem on a sustained basis, we start to believe our lies and fool ourselves more than we fool the enemy.
The good news: I just happen to turn into C-span during the middle of a discussion and noticed the author, Sam Harris, say we are at war with Islam. He explained that it's not the other factors (like poverty) but the religion itself. I couldn't stay to watch more than 10 minutes of the program; but at least someone is saying this.

Esther said...

Feels like so many Americans just hit the snooze button after 9/11. Blows my mind.

Everyone knows America needs more Saudis on student visas.

Ain't that the truth. Like the plague.

Pastorius said...

Sissyblue, That line about demolition companies made tuna come out of my nose.

Sam Harris is a sharp guy (did you know he's Roger Simon's nephew?), but he opposes religion all together. At least, though, he makes a distinction between Christian Fundamentalism, and Islamic fundamentalism, admitting that currently, Islam is the danger, whereas, he seems to see Christian fundamentalist violence as being in a dormant period.

I guess he's right about that, but another way to look at it is, Christians haven't really been violent in the name of Christ for hundreds of years, except of course, for the American South.

Ah, screw it, maybe we Christians are dangerous.


Pastorius said...

great post man. Thanks for being prolific.

Jason Pappas said...

Ah, screw it, maybe we Christians are dangerous. -P

At least to Islamic enemy ... I hope!