Monday, December 26, 2005

Every Picture Tells A Story

One of the reasons most commonly put forth for giving Jerusalem to the Palestinians as their capital is the supposed religious significance it has for Muslims as their third holiest city, with the Al-Aqsa Mosque as an important center for Muslim religious practice. Judging by the images that follow (taken in 1877), it doesn't seem that this was always the case:

As Smooth says:
How odd. Weeds do not go untrampled in a highly trafficked area, do they? Buildings in use do not go without repair, do they?

Based upon these pictures, the tale of the importance of al Aqsa in terms of importance and holiness should be re-written to represent the truth, not the fiction each of you have been spoonfed.
Yeah, especially when you compare them with pictures of a mosque that IS highly trafficked. Say, for example, the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca:

Nope, no weeds there! Looks just like it did when I took a tour of it five years ago during a port visit to Casablanca. Trust me, you coulda eaten off of the ground, and we still had to take our shoes off before going inside the mosque itself.

Intrigued? Then read the rest at Mystery Achievement. And make sure you also check out Smooth Stone, a most excellent blog, and without whose assistance this post would not have been possible.


Smooth said...

Thank you for your kind hat tip, someguy. I have three other pics that I will try to post later this week.

Always On Watch said...

MTP DREAMED [hallucinated?] of going to Jerusalem. Some neurologists believe that MTP had a particularly hallucinatory version of a disorder, but I don't recall the name of that disorder.

Krishna109 said...

Someguy and Smooth: I clicked on smooth's name in his comment (posted above) and it said profile is hidden. If you "unhide it", whenever you post a coment on another blog, people can click your name and see link to your blog.

But if its hidden they can't do that. (You can unhide it, but don't have to list much info in profile-- in fact, you could just merely list your blog....another way for people to find out about it).

felix said...

I have been suspicious of the assertion that the Al Aksa Mosque in Jerusalem is the THIRD HOLIEST SITE IN ISLAM. Mecca is #1 and Medina is #2. But Al Aksa is not mentioned in the Koran, and I started to think that Al Aksa became #3 as a sop to the Palestinians so as to inflate the Moslem religious claim to Jerusalem.

Last year I was listening to one of the FOX News shows and they interview an expert on the standoff in “Holy City” of Najaf, Iraq and then the expert says that the Imam Ali Shrine is the 3rd holiest site in Islam. Further it is the holiest (i.e., #1) site in Shiite Islam.

So does this mean that Al Aksa gets downgraded to #4 in terms of holiness.?