Saturday, December 10, 2005


Sometimes a little humor can be very therapeutic in difficult times.

  1. Why exactly 72 virgins (or whatever the number is) ? Why not 71 or 73?
  2. Does eternal bliss = (1) virgin every hour x (3) days straight! Its the only "72" calculation I could come up with.
  3. Or maybe the cosine of pie = 72???
  4. Once all 72 are eventually non-virgins, are they still “available” for any future fun? Or by definition, does that mean ... :(
  5. So if you are shit outta luck after 72, is the potential suicide bomber aware of this small but very important fact? I don't know about you but this would definitely affect my decision making process. I'm usually pro-choice but this would surely make me pro-life…Mine!!
  6. Does one need to get married to these virgins before one can actually have sex with them?
  7. If not, would that be a sin?
  8. Can one actually commit a sin in heaven? Especially if this was all set up by, you know, the big man.
  9. And if it is a sin, do you then lose all your "privileges" and are you now headed "elsewhere"? What an ironic and unexpected turn of events that would be, huh?! I just hope these people have really thought through all the possibilities before the "big bang".
  10. And finally, and this really is the big one for me, what if, (drum roll please) ......SEX DOES NOT the after life?
Suicide Bomber Recruiter to Suicide Bomber after the fact - "Well, ummm, gee....Sorry 'bout that. I guess it was just a small misunderstanding. Forgive me please????"


Krishna109 said...

Why 72? Golly gee- you missed the most obvious reason of all:
"72 is the maximum number of spheres that can touch another sphere in a lattice packing in 6 dimensions".

I though everyone knew that!

lol :-)

(Ok, I admit it- I didn't really know that. In fact, I'm not sure if I want to know that).

I had to look it up. This is very "Off Topic", but here's a really great site about numbers I recently discovered: "What's Special About This Number?"

Lots of interesting (& totally useless) trivia!

re- lol

(I should probably email the site and tell them that they missed the most obvious thing about the number 72: the # of virgins one get in paradise. Heck, everyone knows that!)

Nora (LV) said...

THe intersting thing is that Osama said there were 99 virgins.

And there are filologues that think that the Arabic word for "hurĂ­es" means also grapes- so they are killing for 72 grapes. Wow.

Krishna109 said...

Imagine going to the trouble of blowing yourself up, and finding out that houris really weren't virgins after all! (I'd imagine that would result in a shahid with a real case of . . . sour grapes!

hehehe :-)

Anonymous said...

well im not a guy but, might virgins be alittle boring? wouldnt it be more fun to get some sleezy girls who had been around....if you know what I mean....

Anonymous said...

I dont know alot about the muslim beliefs but it seems a heaven with No men would be a greater reward for them. and say what ever you like about women Im not easily offended.

Anonymous said...

Opinionated has linked to this

J said...

blueslord, i think it could even be 72 raisins