Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Madeleine Albright in Newsweek

I have had this interview with Madeleine Albright for weeks in my computer. I think that it's very important to read it. She says thinks like:

"Islam itself and the Qur'an are not actually antiwoman",

"Imposing democracy is an oxymoron"

"While people did turn out to vote [in Iraq], which I think is quite remarkable, it’s very difficult when the situation in the security arena is so tenuous",

"Al-Jazeera is opening up in the United States, and I think it doesn’t hurt if Americans go on Al-Jazeera so that we can tell our story. We have to make clear that a great deal of it is distortion"

"We can’t have terrorist organizations participating, but if there are some Islamist organizations that can give up the use of force and follow the rules, then I think that it’s useful to include them in the political process"

"We depend on some of them for oil, and these are potential markets, as well, if there is proper investment that then creates jobs, which takes care of the problem of people being disaffected or unemployed".

The rest of the interview here.

My post about it here.

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