Thursday, December 22, 2005

Religion of Peace Roundup - Dec 21

Well here it is, for better or worse - Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah to all my dhimmi friends from Kaffir Elmer and his family.

Always on Watch - So what are those Saudi dollars donated to two premier American universities and invested in our news media financing? A greater understanding of Islam or the first phase of jihad?

Dr. Julio Pino
, (aka Lover of Angels) associate professor of history at Kent State University, jihadist and fellow blogger posted his last will and testament (or at least M. Atta's) at Global War. Then took it down. Is the operation cancelled? He then posted about Richard Pryor's death. We called off the suicide watch but we still think he needs counseling.

American Crusader - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad on Wednesday called the extermination of 6 million Jews during World War II a "myth," bringing a new cascade of international condemnation onto a government that is increasingly viewed as radical even within Iran.

Clarity and Resolve - The execution of an American in Iraq. The nutless wonders who perpetrated this act are surely some of Islamo-fascism's bravest, shooting an unarmed, blindfolded man in the back - GUTLESS!

Democracy Frontline - Clarity and Resolve - Infidel Bloggers Alliance all have pieces on the "race" riots in Australia.

FrontPage Magazine - Christian churches that are Muslim apologists. This got me really pissed. Must read!

Excerpt from FP
Throughout the autumn, Christians in Asia and the Middle East became targets of arson, extortion, mob violence and even murder in Allah’s name. Instead of addressing those problems, however, Western Christian leaders indulged in sanctimonious pedantry, fashionable naiveté and outright appeasement in the name of dialogue and peace.

Seawitch - on The Problem with Terrorists is also a must read.

Quote of the millenium:

There is no such thing as an ‘innocent’ kafir, innocence is only applicable for the Muslims; do not say ‘innocent’ for the kafir, the most you can say for them is that they are ‘victims’. The Muslim however, is innocent even if he engages to fight and conquer the kafir, because he is fulfilling the shari’ah."

--Al Muhajiroun, (Bakir School), 6-21-2004

Jihad Lexicon word for the week:

Irrational America Hatred Syndrome (IAHS): Any of several mental disorders in which a visceral, spiteful, and unreasonable hatred of America and/or Americans is the primary symptom. Includes: the European resentment of America's demonstrated ability to proceed unimpeded and unapproved (by Europeans) in geopolitical endeavors deemed necessary to its national security and other interests; Arab/Muslim aversion to the vanguard of secular democracy which is a constant reminder of Islam's abysmal failure at equipping its adherents with the tools necessary to succeed in the modern world; and of course, the blind, self-effacing antipathy of American leftists who have climbed onto the trendy platform of hating the land they live in and its institutions which provide them with freedom and unparalleled opportunity. IAHS is manifest in other forms as well, but the three abovementioned disorders, or a combination thereof, are currently the most prevalent. The only effective treament for IAHS is a simple, yet uncompromising, regimen of good sense, sincere love and appreciation of freedom, and rejection of fashionable, empty, self-defeating leftist philosophy. There is hope—don't give up.

Picture of the Week

Islam: Changing Lives for the Deader

Touching portrait of a Palestinian mother helping her child with his belt
(from the Religion of Peace)

Counterterrorism Blog - on the release of the terrorist responsible for US Navy Diver Robert Stethem's death.


Always On Watch said...

Also posted at EB's site:

Why would anyone put up Atta's last will and testament, in two installments (I happened to have seen those entries and LOA's site), and then take it down without explanation? A change of mind is one possibility. I won't venture any guesses as to some other possiblities.

A quick Google search of Julio Cesar Pino brings up an article by Daniel Pipes and also information about the poem which Dr. Pino wrote--in 2002, I think. The poem praised a suicide bomber, if I correctly interpret the tone of that poem.

Always On Watch said...

I forgot to mention that when that last will and testament went up, so did a photo of Osama bin Laden, on the right sidebar. Last time I checked, that image had been changed.