Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fjordman Signs Off

Sad day for the blogosphere. Fjordman, the intrepid Norwegian blogger and fierce anti-jihad figure, has posted to his blog for the final time. He is retiring from blogging for other pursuits. We all knew this was coming for some time but nevertheless it's tough to see such a good blogger move on to other things. His writings about Scandanavia have been invaluable. In that regard Fjordman is, I fear, irreplacible. His was one of a handful of blogs I read every single day without fail.

Though I am not the administrator of Infidel Bloggers Alliance I took the liberty of inviting him to post here in the future. Let's hope he finds retirement a little dull.

Drop by his blog and leave a final comment. He will be missed.


Pastorius said...

We would welcome him. Maybe you could put in another comment that all he has to do is send you an email, and we will send an invite.

This is a sad day for the blogosphere indeed.

English kaffir. said...

This is a sad day for the blogosphere indeed.

Jason Pappas said...

I hope his example inspires others.

His reports helped give me a heads-up on events in Europe before they hit the MSM. And, of course, he got the reporting right. As a consequence, I could impress others that Islam wasn’t just a threat to America (and those who joined the coalition). "What? Muslims hate Swedes, Danish, French, and the Dutch? What issue could they have?" my friends would say. Ultimately, others had to back down and admit (most often by their silence) that I was right. It certainly increased my stature, on some venues, with regard to the world-wide threat.

Oscar in Kansas said...

Pastorius - I told Fjordman if he ever wanted to post something here to email you or me or J from Justify This!

I also offered to buy him dinner if he visits the States. Wouldn't that be a blast.

Jason Pappas said...

First round on me!