Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Multi-cultural rot in Australia

Here’s an article written two years ago by a retired detective who’s familiar with the problem firsthand: The Rise of Middle Eastern Crime in Australia (hat tip to a zama202.) “When the Middle Eastern crime groups emerged in the mid-to-late 1990s no alarms were set off. The Crime Intelligence unit was asleep. I know personally that operational police in south-west Sydney compiled enormous amounts of good intelligence on the formation of Lebanese groups.”

He describes the rise of Lebanese groups that “were ruthless, extremely violent, and they intimidated not only innocent witnesses, but even the police that attempted to arrest them.” They even attacked police stations to the point where they “virtually held a suburban police station hostage.” He warned that “the Middle Eastern crime problem was an explosion waiting to go off.”

“The Middle Eastern cycle of violence is not local. It can occur on the central coast, around … And even more alarming is that the violence is directed mainly against young Australian men and women. There is a clear and definite link between violent attacks on our young men and women being racial as well as criminal.”

As a professional police officer, he believes in fighting the crime and not speculating on sociological factors. Thus, he doesn’t explicitly address the cultural factors. He does, however, note the differences in behavior among the various ethnic groups.

Update: Mother worried that her recently arrested son "likes Islam too much."


Pastorius said...

I posted on this on CUANAS last night. Saw it on the LGF open thread. The stuff this cop reveals is so stunning that at first I suspected that it might be white supremacist propaganda.

Nope, Quadrant Magazine is kind of a conservative New Yorker for Aussies.


linearthinker said...

Priest wrote this two years ago, yet it reads as if it could have been yesterday's news. I wonder what the news will be like in December, 2007? I wouldn't have expected to see Oz go the way of Sweden, but it seems they haven't learned much in the last two years.
(Why do they call it Oz?)

Jason Pappas said...

Yes, I took a quick look at "Quadrant Magazine" and it seemed resonable at first glance. So I decided the report is worth considering.

Pastorius said...

Yeah, it seems very reasonable. I just can't believe that such a reasonable publication published news that is so extreme. One would think this article would have made a big splash.

The description of the Muslim gang taking over a police station is stunning.