Saturday, December 10, 2005

Today's News: Israel and Michael Moore

Both news are very interesting:

A tunnel leading from Gaza toward Israel has been discovered, the first since the Israeli military withdrew from Gaza over the summer, the Israel Defense Forces said Saturday. The tunnel shaft near the Erez security crossing connected to a path leading to a garbage dump. From there, the IDF said, "terrorists" intended to "enter the tunnel and infiltrate Israel." This is known only two days after Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said at a rally in Damascus that the radical Palestinian group had had enough of the agreement it made with the Palestinian Authority to maintain "quiet" with Israel. (Full story).


Krishna109 said...

Since Israel withdrew from Gaza, I know of rockets fired from Gaza, aimed at Israeli towns; Hizbollah attacks from across the northern border, and the recent suicide bombing in Netanya. There have probably been some more. And, probably several atempted attacks that Israel has prevented. The Palis publicly condemn terrorism to the western press, while at the same time glorifying the "martyrs"in the Pali media.

Re: Moore. So many of these people are such hypocrites. While Moore is one of the biggest, so is George Soros. He is a major contributor to liberal causes-- he was one of the main (if not the main) financial supporters of Kerry campaign. But, a fund he manages owns $250,000 worth of Halliburton stock:$/SEC/Filing.asp?T=S3tw.zKg_f6q

Always On Watch said...

Re that tunnel: It's only a matter of time before the infiltration of Israel produces even more atrocities than we've already seen.