Monday, December 19, 2005



J said...

check the pics out there.

Maybe we could get some Ibloga ones made up :)

Pastorius said...

Oh man, I love that infidel thong.


Pastorius said...

J, let's roll on that. Well, first, we need someone to create a really cool logo. I'll talk to some friends. Do you have any friends who are graphic artists?

Pastorius said...

Also, I know it's crass to bring up in the comments section, but have you noticed that our traffic is increasing every day?

I think the IBA traffic is now bigger than my traffic.

Can you give me the code to access our traffic meters daily reports? Email it to me.

J said...

"I think the IBA traffic is now bigger than my traffic."

lol. i was thinking that about mine last night.

i've sent another e-mail about the stats

Pastorius said...

Yeah, it is funny that we could start a site, and in two weeks have it overtake our sites, but, to me, that was the point in the first place.

We've got to keep it up.

J said...

"Yeah, it is funny that we could start a site, and in two weeks have it overtake our sites, but, to me, that was the point in the first place."


"We've got to keep it up."

and the same to all our contributors, keep up the good work ;)

Krishna109 said...

Those Internet Haganah items at Cafe Press look really good. (Btw, there used to be a company called "Rokem Needle Arts" or something like that, that made some good things, but their web page seems to be down). I was curious, and did a search on Cafe Press for "Infidel"-- there are 37 pages of items! (some are duplicates). Some interesting ideas there.

Its great to hear the IBA has been getting lots of traffic. IMO, this is really becoming quite an excellent site-- the idea of have several really good contributers on one site was a great one! It seems that there are lots of things people do in an attempt to to get more traffic, but ultimately having really good content is what does it...

Two other things I've found that seem to be really good in letting people know about what's on a blog seem to be Technorati and The Truth Laid Bear. Is IBA registered with Technorati yet? Do you thinki that signing up with either (or both) of these would be a good idea?

J said...

i'm not sure if it is, I ping it through blogexplosion but ill have to check on the others

Krishna109 said...

I'm not quite sure how that works-- if you ping one of those sites, whether or not it makes a difference if you've registered with them?

I like Technorati-- they have some useful features. You can go to:
and register a blog (they call it "claiming your blog"). In the process you get to decide upon 20 tags for the blog-- I believe these are prominent when someone searches Technorati. (You can change tags as often as you like). Once you are registered with them, a "Search This Blog" thingy is displayed on your blog (plus some other stuff that's optional).

"The Truth Laid Bear" is somewhat unconventional-- when you register, your ranking in his "ecosystem" is displayed on your blog (you can choose to hide it). For example: "I am a multi-cellular micro-organism in the TTLB Ecosystem". His ranking system is not based upon hits but rather upon the number of sites that link to you. (If I'm not mistaken, its the only service you don't have to ping-- he does a sweep of registered blogs every night). He also lists "hot posts" & "hot topics" on blogs registered with him. Also, he has a system of "Communities" (at this point there are only a few). I'm not sure how it works or if we would want to start a "Community" there.

Someone sent me an email with details about a few other search engines to register with...but I haven't had time to read it yet :-)