Monday, December 12, 2005

Religion of Peace Roundup for Dec 10th

Always on Watch has a post on the controversy over the memorial to Flight 93.

American Crusader posts on the demise of Egypt's secular government
to the radicals.

Seawitch and what should be done about Iran's
nuclear program.

Australia is having some turmoil. Read
about it at Clarity and Resolve, at Democracy Frontline and at the Infidel Bloggers Alliance.

Counterterrorism Blog and the extremists among us.

Jihad Lexicon word of the week:

isolated incident: A euphemistic phrase which is used in the dishonest portrayal of the many and frequent instances of Islamic terror. This deceptive term depicts these acts of terror as aberrations which are more of the exception than the norm. The isolated incidents add up at an alarming rate, though; and even one or two acts of Islamic mass murder are truly atrocious and devastating. This term is very often used in a sentence which looks something like this: The World Trade Center attacks was an isolated incident* carried out by extremists who represent a tiny fraction of all Muslims, and do not represent Islam, which is the Religion of Peace. It's really just P.R./damage control to use such euphemisms. However, they have the unfortunate effect of legitimating terrorism, at least to a limited extent. Terror should be called terror, and when it is perpetrated by Muslims in Islam's name, it should be called Islamic terror. Also see taqiyya*

Picture of the week:
Bombing in Bangladesh (courtesy of The Religion of Peace)

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