Friday, December 30, 2005

Infidel Howling At The Moon

Howl and howl. Howl at the top of your lungs. When we set off to battle continue to howl. Paint your face, your weapons, and your battlements. Be an otherworldly monster to your enemy.

Pamela says that friggin' ABC has made a deal with Iran to broadcast from their Axis of Evil craphole. Remember, of course, that CNN made a similar deal with Iraq. The deal was, they can broadcast, as long as they don't say anything bad about the dictator or his barbarity.

Really, we need to do ourselves a favor and not patronize ABC anymore.

Some dumb German chick was kidnapped by Iraqi terrorists and then released because the idiot German government thinks that all they need to do keep the terrorists from killing them is to feed them. (Memo to German government: That only makes the beasts stronger.)

So, what did the German hostage do when she was released? Naturally, she donned a burqa and ranted and raved on German TV:

... the rambling, incoherent nature of Osthoff’s answers. Even the heavily edited version (ZDF spokesman: “We wanted to protect Osthoff from herself.”) of the original 15-minute interview was barely comprehensible. Questions were left unanswered and at times Osthoff rambled off into non-sequiturs about how badly she had been treated by her landlord back in Germany. When asked how the kidnapping had been carried out, she was evasive, simply responding:

“I think these details are not interesting. That doesn’t interest anyone. Generally kidnappings are carried out quite violently. People watch a lot of television and realize perhaps that you don’t let yourself get abducted voluntarily.”

What do you think? You think she was really kidnapped? Or, is she in collusion with the Jihadis?


Hamas plans to institue a jizya tax on Christians in the place of Christ's birth.

Can you say "Abomination of Desolation?"

The United States Justice Department has launched an investigation into the leaks of Bush's spying operations.

Someone is busted big time.

You goin' down, baby. Treason anyone?

The Aryan Nations are joining forces with the Jihadis.

Hamas had a children's magazine, and it's telling the kiddies to take back Spain.

Maybe, next election the Spaniards can elect a Hamas member and get it over with, huh?

My man, Yaakov, at Dry Bones has a great cartoon about Spielberg's assassination of history in the movie Munich.

Iranian President Ahmadinejad has called for a commitee to be set up to prove the Holocaust never happened.

It's time to put a missile up that guys butt.

In the Christian world, we make sacrifices for our families. In the Islamic world, they sacrifice their families.

Nothing gets God angrier than the demon Moloch.

Good luck, Pakistan.

And, finally, let's end with some good news. An American kid, of Middle Eastern descent, ran off to Iraq because he wants to serve America and the interests of Democracy by doing immersion journalism. The Greatest Generation is now.

And, the Bush Administration is increasinly confident in Iraq's ability to govern itself. Troop reductions of 14% will happen by March, with another 25% to come by next fall.


Jason Pappas said...

Some people don’t know that bin Laden used to talk about Spain more often than Palestine—especially when he was mostly addressing his own people. On the world stage, he introduced a few more references to Palestine.

One thing good about the Muslims, they are bad at their own game of taqiyya and kitman. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much to fool some people.

Krishna109 said...

Actually, I remember that when bin Laden first caught the public's attention, he never (or almost never), mentioned "Palestine". His main focus seemed to be on the situation in Saudi Arabia-- namely, this was the country where the Islamic Holy places were, and it was terrible to think that infidels were there (U.S. soldiers in Saudi Arabia). Also, as you mentioned, re-conquering "al Andalus" (Spain).

During those early days, several prominent arabs criticized him for neglecting to mention "Palestine"--so he finally began talking about it.

Btw, Saddam, also, hardly mentioned it at first. He was too busy with his favorite projects: first the war with Iran, and then attempting to conquer and annex Kuwait.

When it looked like Iraq might be attacked, all of a sudden Sadamm became very interested in the issue of "Palestine". Why? Quite clearly because he wanted to be seen as a "good guy" by other Arab countries. One quick easy way to do this is to be very "politicly correct'-- in the Muslim world this can be achieved to a large degree by a few fiery speeches about "Palestine"-- never fails!

Krishna109 said...

Pastorius: Nice roundup of news! There's a lot one could comment on.

Last time I looked over at Technorati's list of the most blogged stories (, it seems the one currently getting the most attention is about NSA spying (& related story of monitoring radiation outside mosques). It seems a lot of the media is playing this up for political reasons (to criticize Bush). However, there seems to be an indication that this strategy may backfire-- apparently many Americans think this is a good thing-- the perception amongst many people is that it shows that the Bush administration is going all out to protect the country against terrorism.

I saw one comment somewhere where the person said it made them feel more secure, and they wished the government had been doing this before 911.

Pastorius said...

Yeah, I remember seeing a comment like that myself. I think you're right. All this focus by the lib media on NSA spying is backfiring, and it's only going to get worse for them now that the Justice Dept. is bringing the hammer down on the leakers/spies/treasonous citizens who started this mess.

They are in serious trouble.

By the way, I hope we can make such roundups a regular feature here on IBA.

I think that will make us a handy resource, and a more user-friendly blog. It will also direct traffic to all of our respective blogs.

See what I mean?

Pastorius said...

Jason and Krishna,

I think the reason people don't realize Bin Laden used to talk about Spain a lot is because he didn't call it Spain. Instead, he called it by the name it was called when the Muslims ruled it; Andalusia.

It is normal for people to forget words when they don't have any context in their lives.

But, that's what Bin Laden meant. He set out to straighten things out in Saudi Arabia and to reconquer Spain.

Epaminondas said...


We need to arrange one.

The Hamas jizya thing is too precious for words. It's what some others with 'progressive' points of view would have said is a paranoid fantasy of the 'right' if this is really a right-left issue out here in Dar al Harb.

What is WRONG with ABC?

What needs to be explained?

Pastorius said...

Heh, submit to the jizya, libs. Show yourself to be humiliated.


Krishna109 said...

#4 (#4? lol :-) Pastorius: I had been thinking about that (the "news roundup") idea. There are many, many really excellent articles posted here-- but they are very long. It makes it hard to navigate around the site. And, for a first time visitor in a hurry-- they might only see the one or two most recent articles.

Perhaps we should try to post just the highlights of an article-- a paragraph at most (maybe two). Then a link back to a longer version on our own blogs. People could quickly see what's here-- then spend more time reading the ones they are most interested in.

We could post single articles as we do now-- but the posts here would be much shorter -- a single paragraph. Then, once in a while a "news summary"-- perhaps only a sentence (or two) about many articles.

Actually, I think its more work to post a single paragraph than a long article. Here's why: if you post a single paragraph, you want to include the most important points (only)- so it takes some thought and time editing.

But I think its better to have shorter takes here, longer vers. on our own blogs. What do y'all think about this idea?

A final thought: most people probably know this, but I thought I'd mention it if anyone doesn't know about it. I just discovered a useful feature (Windows): Ctrl + F. It is "find (on this page)". A quick way to find something on a really long page. (its also in EDIT menu). However, it will only search the current page-- it will not find things in archived articles (but technorati will do that).

Krishna109 said...

Pastorius: Also, what you said about bringing traffic to our blog. If the articles here are long, many people would just read them here-- and then leave.

But, if they are short-- people will still have an opportunity to see what's here-- but then will go to our individual blogs to read the entire article.

Why does it matter where they read the article? If they read it here and leave, many will only see the articles here. OTOH, if they go to our blogs, they will have an opportunity to see all the articles here plus see more articles on our blogs (those we haven't also posted here).

Pastorius said...


I agree. Just post a titillating excerpt and direct the traffic to your blog. Keep the posts short.


The point here is to get a volume of ideas from around the world.

I am working on getting bloggers from Malaysia, Indonesia, the Phillipines, and other areas effected by Jihadi activity.

I hope to make this a global thing.

And I hope to make it easy for readers.

Already we are doing a great job, and traffic is increasing.

Over time, the blog will get better and better.