Thursday, March 13, 2008

Dhimmi Condoleeza Rice

With a hat-tip to Michael.

From Sultan Knish's exclusive:
For International Woman's Day, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice convened eight women to be honored for the 2008 Secretary of State’s Awards for International Women of Courage ceremony. Of those eight women, oddly enough six were Muslim, as if Muslim women had cornered the market, making the "International" ceremony a rather parochial pat on the back for Muslims. (In 2007 it was 7 out of 10.)

Of these six Muslim women, one has a rather interesting biography. Nibal Thawabteh. Undersecretary Dobriansky stated that she founded a newspaper, he oddly enough failed to mention its name. The newspaper's name is Al-Hal and it is produced at Bir Zeit University's media center where Nibal Thawabteh is also a lecturer.

Al-Hal is actually printed and distributed by Al Ayyam, which is the main mouthpiece of Fatah. Bir Zeit University itself is known as a hotbed for radical terrorism and its media institute benefits from infusions of international funding even as it turns out terrorist propagandists. But if you're thinking that Condoleeza Rice could not have known all this and might have missed it, Nibal Thawabteh's own resume available on multiple sites makes her terrorist affiliations incredibly clear....
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benning said...

Our government continues to be craven. We are hot on the heels of Britain and Canada in the race to Dhimmitude.