Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Disgusting Pile Of Crap

Not the car you fools

But this
Labour peer Lord Ahmed has been banned from driving after he sent a string of text messages shortly before his car hit and killed another driver.

The 51-year-old sent the last text about two minutes before his Jaguar saloon ploughed into the vehicle which had hit the central reservation of the M1.

Driver Martyn Gombar, 28, had escaped, leaving his Audi A4 without lights and blocking two lanes, but died when he went back to get his mobile phone.

The peer, using his full name Nazir Ahmed, admitted dangerous driving as he headed home to Rotherham on Christmas Day last year with his wife and elderly mother.


At the time the press where reporting something very different, but if you do a google search you will not find anything or Address Not Found message


But I did find this cached article

Peer Denies Texting Before Fatal Crash
By Sky News SkyNews - Tuesday, May 20 08:31 am

A Labour peer has denied sending a text message while driving immediately before a fatal motorway accident.

(Lord Ahmed was at the wheel of his gold Jaguar on the M1 on Christmas Day when he collided with another car that was facing the wrong way.

The red Audi had been marooned in the fast lane near Junction 35, near Rotherham, after smashing into the central reservation when Lord Ahmed's vehicle struck it.

The Audi driver, Slovakian Martyn Gombar, 28, from Leigh, Lancashire, died instantly in the second impact.

Police believe Mr Gombar had left the wreck but returned to his car to pick up his mobile phone.

Lord Ahmed suffered facial injuries and shock in the smash, which happened at around 6.20pm. His wife and mother, who were travelling with him, suffered bruising.

Reports said it was alleged he sent a text message to a journalist friend shortly before police received an emergency call.

The Crown Prosecution Service confirmed it was considering whether charges were appropriate in the case.

But Lord Ahmed said: "I totally deny this allegation and I have nothing else more to say. I was not using my phone at the time.

"I welcome the inquiry because it will vindicate me. I have co-operated with the police fully and there is an ongoing inquiry into this.

"As far as I'm concerned, I've got no comments to make because it's a police inquiry and they have every right to investigate."

Now this Is the same piece of shit

Lord Ahmed is routinely touted as the face of moderate Islam in the UK. Born Nazir Ahmed in Pakistan, Labour member Lord Ahmed became the first Muslim life peer in 1998, where he took his oath on the Koran instead of the Bible.

Once again the press are keeping their mouths tight as a ducks arse about him blocking the showing of Fitna in the house of lords, Don,t know has anybody else noticed that there is a media-black out on this thing.

One of the few Media sources that did report was the BNP news, and permit me, here is an extract

A female member of the Lords had planned to invite the director of the film, Dutch politician Geert Wilders, to the conference room in the House of Lords, where his film “Fitna” would be shown to invited colleagues and the issues the film raised debated.

“Fitna” is of course the short but powerful film that looks at the reality behind the establishment’s espousal of Islam as a “religion of peace.” For daring to challenge current orthodoxy, Wilders is currently facing prison in Holland for his statements about Islam.

The screening of the film was due to take place this Thursday. And it was after the invitations were sent out that Lord Ahmed swung into action. He called a meeting with the government chief whip and the leader of the House, together with representatives of the Muslim Council of Britain and the British Muslim Forum.

At the meeting, Ahmed threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims to prevent Wilders from entering the House and said that he would take the organiser of the event to court.

Ahmed threatened to mobilise 10,000 Muslims


Anonymous said...

There was very good comment made by Lionheart 71

That I feel is repeating here

Now let me see.....

A Muslim becomes a Lord? How is that possible when it's an impossibility for a Muslim to belong to any other nation other than Islam? Oh, I know he got where he is with money there's no doubt.

Worse still, the job of a Lord is to uphold the democratic and libertarian values that the position demands. Lord Ahmed, must also show impartiality as well, and if he MUST show bias then it must always be for Britain and the British people. His job as a Lord is to submit to the Queen and Country. This action goes against all of those ideals and he should be stripped of his title.
Many will also realise that Lord Ahmed was in Ch4's Dispatches Undercover Mosques. In the documentary he spoke of his favourite place to worship was Green Lane Mosque in Birmingham which was incidentally the focal point of the programmes investigation of Islamic Extremism in Britain.

He should instantly be investigated and arrested for threatening to mass an army against Parliament as a Lord. This is disgusting, absolutely disgusting and it shows more than ever that Islam, is trying to bully Britain into submission. Have these morons in power no idea? Do they not realise that if we are continually oppressed and forced to like this and that and accept this and that, that we vehemently disagree with, we will revolt? Do these idiots not realise that they are instigating civil war?

What our government is doing is submitting to a foreign ideology with which to bring about complete cultural change. I find this sickening.

The question arises, which I am amazed the Lords haven't yet thought of, that what happens when the House of Lords debates legislation that is detrimental to the people of the United Kingdom and Lord Ahmed says that it is against the wishes of Muslims and that he will unite 500, 000 Muslims in London and the UK to protest? Is this not an act of War? Have we not seen that Muslims out of all peoples of this World are unable to protest peacefully? This man needs to be removed from office. I don't care how, democratically or with a bullet, just removed.

Anonymous said...

Lord Ahmed previously achieved fame as a fatwa-facilitator for the Iranian theocracy:

Not a single British MSM publication has reported the FITNA story, though lots of foreign ones have. It seems a 'D-notice' (UK government gagging order)has gone out.

Pastorius said...

I wonder what "Mobilize" means? As in, activate sleeper cells?

What an a-hole.

Parliament is allowing this guy to hold their testicles?

He must have photographs and videos in his bottom drawer.

Anonymous said...

it will get much worse in britain much worse. (the continent too)

the basic problem comes down to the deck being stacked against any brittons who want britain to stay western, democratic and free.

thier will be only one way it is halted and that is when british subjects who value western culture and freedom have literally no choice left but to fight and the threat has come to a head as an existential one.

that is the where it is all heading in the next several years and everyone here knows it.

Anonymous said...

The information provided in this thread should provide ample documentation of "Lord" Ahmed's criminality to dethrone as done with other criminal lords.

Archer and Black to be ousted from Lords
Peers who avoid tax or have criminal convictions are to be expelled from House of Lords in the wake of Erminegate