Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And Now for a Goodie

Do I need to say more


Pastorius said...

First, this is entertaining.

Second, I think you may be on the money.

I'm a fan of boxing and I was very much intrigued by Nasim Hamed's style. It was, of course, highly unorthodox. But, his snakelike ability to dodge the punches of his opponents, combined with the odd angles from which he threw punches, certainly did baffle his opponents.

But ultimately, I believe his style was derived from a combination of lack of logical training, and esoteric thinking.

And, once he came up against a well-trained opponent, grounded in the logic of the human body, he was destroyed. And, he has passed into obscurity.

This is a metaphor for Islam. Islam can not beat the modern world, once the modern world decides to actually take the fight. We fight with logic. They fight with lack of training and esoteric thinking.

And, if they keep pushing us, they will pass into obscurity.

Anonymous said...

Good analysis Jaco

He was always flaunting islam,as you can see by his short.

This clip is a pleasure to see, because not only does this piece of shit, Nasim Hamed take a bashing, ut as you quite rightly point out so does islam

Later today i think I will do a post explaining why I have such a low opinion of him.

Pastorius said...

I look forward to it.