Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Brought Back To Life


Damien said...

Citizen Warrior,

I have to admit, I never saw that Cox and Forkum cartoon before. Sad truth is this is one of the things you can't really entirely blame on the followers of Islam. It never actually died. A mean, what about Neo Nazis?

The_Editrix said...

The swastika on the graestone gives it a wrong twist. Those who are siding with the murderous Muslims today are not so much Nazis, neo or not, but leftists of all colours.

Citizen Warrior said...

Whether it died out or not in the world, it died out of the mainstream (at least mainstream attention or legitimacy — it was widely in disrepute), but it is back in the news and driven most powerfully these days by the followers of Mohammad.

Strange to see.

The Muslim woman shouting at Jews about going to the oven — in public and without shame — was a shock to my delicate sensibilities!