Saturday, January 31, 2009

It's not (just) the leaders, it's the people. Turkey is the exception which proves the rule

This blog has banged away, again and again that the war that Islam has laid against the west is a matter of the people, and what they believe, not just what some leader does.

Some believe that Israel's fight is not ours and vice versa. I used to think that way myself, even after 9/11. But the charges of colonialism and imperialism, of doing evil because we are evil all lie at the heart of this war.

The leaders in the ME, many of whom by our standards are illegitimate, both serve the popular hates and ride that wave. They cannot oppose that wave because after all the years of whipping up hatred, it cannot be a legitimate stand, and would be seen as irreligious as well.


Thus to Turkey .. the first secular nation out of the Ottoman Empire and Caliphate. This nation has slowly descended back into the realms of now, not being even secular and tolerant enough to be a member of the EU. They have been, if not military allies of Israel, then seen their military realistic enough to seize the advantages of a cordial relationship with Israel. That is probably over.
Telegraph, UK:

Turkey hails PM as 'Conquerer of Davos' after walkout

Turkey's Prime Minister returned home to a hero's welcome this morning after storming off stage at the World Economic Forum in Davos during a heated spat over Israel's assault on Gaza.

In the most dramatic moment of this year's muted Davos conference, Recep Tayyip Erdogan walked off a panel discussion including Shimon Peres and Ban Ki-Moon after a moderator cut off his reply to a long and impassioned monologue by the Israeli President.

Mr Erdogan gathered up his belongings and marched off stage, red-faced, shouting that he would not return to Davos again as he had not been allowed to speak.

Around 3,000 supporters gathered at Istanbul's airport in the early morning, waving red and white Turkish flags and banners reading "Conqueror of Davos" as Mr Erdogan's flight back from Davos landed.

Some carried banners denouncing Israel, a worrying development for a state that counts Turkey as its closest ally in the Muslim world and relies on its role as an intermediary between it and traditional enemies such as Syria.

"I did what I had to do," Mr Erdogan told reporters. "I cannot remain apathetic when it comes to these things, it's just not in my nature. I am duty-bound to defend the honour of my country."

Mr Erdogan blamed the debate's moderator, David Ignatius of the Washington Post, for the incident, although he condemned Mr Peres's hectoring behaviour on stage.

Ignatius is not what I would call PRO ISRAEL, and he has been criticized heavily here.

Hamas, the Islamist leaders in Gaza, hailed Mr Erdogan for his "courageous stance" against Israel's war in Gaza, which killed more than 1,300 people, a third of them children.

I challenge as factual that report by the Telegraph (which was also guilty in the '1200 dead in Jenin' falsegasm.

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Anonymous said...

I can't remember where, but I read about three or four months ago that the Turkish public were the most anti-American people in the world. It was some kind of survey or something. Maybe someone else knows what I'm talking about. Anyway -IF- what I remember is at least semi-true then maybe the Turkish government is catching up with some of it's people. I do know that Erdogan does have opposition from Turkey's large secularist community and much of the military high command, but the country as a whole seems to be turning to the moondemon.