Thursday, January 29, 2009


Ok gang, I figger Pastorius is not the type to pat himself on the back. So I'll do it for him. And pat yourselves as well.

I don't know how many of you watch the sight meter but I just did some quick math (look, it's part of my job AND indicative of my social life these days).

In page views this January versus last IBA is up 196%!

In visits the same period IBA is up 205 %!

We're already past the 73,000 visits mark this month, closing real fast on 75,000.

Thomas Paine would be proud.

We've got to be converting some people to our fight!

ok, you can clap now. . .


andre79 said...

Congratulations, guys. Great job.

christian soldier said...

Congratulations IBA, Patorius, and all contributors...Thank you for standing strong....

Pastorius said...

Yeah, I would say everyone deserves congrats on this. The greatest thing about this site is we have contributors from all over the world.

christian soldier said...

Midnight Rider-great post ---but-the Preadators--
Go Red Wings!!! :-)
Again - thank you IBA...

midnight rider said...

C-CS -- I was hard up for an applause clip of significant length ;>)

Pasto -- you're the man that keeps it rolling.

Unknown said...


This is important. If history and free speech continue, blogs will have made an important contribution to that end. Let history show that Pastorius contributed mightily to the blog resistance underground!!

GOOooOOOO TEAM!!!!!!!!!

Citizen Warrior said...

Defenders of Freedom, I salute you!

You've brought together an amazing team here, Pastorius! United we stand.

Epaminondas said...

EGG SELL ENT, TEAM !!!!!!!!!

midnight rider said...

Why are the Ents selling eggs? I thought they were busy guarding the forest. I'm confused.

Pastorius said...

See there, I think Epa got it exactly right.


Anonymous said...


Soup erb, x tree um lee fu knee

Epaminondas said...

Id that anything like tofuni?

Anonymous said...

Joking aside now

Its good to be part if IBA, and I am confident we shall get bigger.

Always On Watch said...

This is news to make my day!

Pastorius said...

I'm so excited, I'm clapping with one hand.


I didn't know I could do that.

midnight rider said...

Pastorius -- have a drink. Big one. You've earned it.

Anonymous said...

What happened today? There's a big spike in readership from the daily average of 2K to 10K?

Anonymous said...

Abu Abdullah said...

What happened today?

Could be some leftard site redirect sone loonies here, I guess some of the will learn some-thing, and some will go away with a mustard seed inplanted.

Seriously, The same thing happened on my blog the last two years, I predict that there will be a slight fall, but if we keep up with what we are doing then we will see a slow rise, and in about six months we will be getting more hits than we are getting at present.

I do have a few suggestions to make so as to get more hits.


#1 If you go to Settings, and then go Settings, you will see Enable Post Pages, click yes.

What happens here it is much easier to go to the page you want and easier to get at the link.

It is this feature I miss when I am at other sites and I want to link back to IBLOGA

#2 So as to make it easier to find old posts try is

Go Layout, Page Elements

Then Configure Blog Archive, open. then click Hierarchy.

#3 What I find is a hassle is that the archives are so far down on the side bar,

I think we would have a lot to gain by putting the archives higher up maybe under

Gathering Storm Report Radio Show

As now It takes a lot of scrolling just to get to the archives, and this is where the hassle begins.

If they are higher up then it is much better if you need to look into the archives ror an earlier post.

Also it gives easier access to visitors, who at present may never scroll as far down to where the archives are, and it is in the archives where IBLOGA is, you know what I mean.

Rebellious Kafir said...

Congrats IBA...hmm...interestingly I found this website about a month ago...coincidence? :D

Every member of my family with an email has this site's address now. LOL. I will let you know how that works out next Thanksgiving.

Keep it up, you are making a difference.

btw--did anyone else have trouble posting a comment on this site over the last couple of days? Every time I tried I got a page couldn't load message, strange no?

Pastorius said...

In Mary's Image,
Thanks for the congrats. It's nice to see the site growing.

I hope your family doesn't get offended easily. As you can see, we can get pretty surly around here.


midnight rider said...

In Mary's Image -- Glad you like the joint. Pasto keeps a helluva pub here, doesn't he? My 2 adult daughters now stop by. Oldest said "that sight you post on and what other people write there scares me a little". Good I say. More people need to be scared. And she's listened to me rant all these years ;>)

Hope your dad had a good birthday (I saw your latest comment on my Whither Church post). If you don't mind I'd be interested in what he had to say. If you'd rather keep that private I understand.

Pasto -- Surly is a diplomatic way to put it :p

Pastorius said...

You're right, MR, IBA is a Pub.

And for that, we have to thank our fellow IBA founder, Jonz the Drunken Blogger. Jonz no longer contributes, but he will not be forgotten.

midnight rider said...

I never knew about Jonz. God bless him.

Remember it was in the Public Houses that America was truly first born.

I love this bar!