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German Al Qaeda Discusses Al Qaeda's Atom Bomb

Special Dispatch - No. 2203
January 22, 2009No. 2203
German Al-Qaeda Operative Discusses Al-Qaeda's 'Atom Bomb', Says 'Our Striking Power in This New Crusader War is Reflected in the Mujahideen's Participation in the New Arms Race,' And Warns Germans to Make the Right Choice in September 2009 Elections

Following are excerpts from a video of Al-Qaeda operative Abu Talha the German, which aired on Al-Faluja Islamist forums on January 18, 2009.


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"The World Economic Crisis Has Erased the Pride of the Germans; It Is Up To the Germans Whether the Rescue Plan... Will Be Able to Revive the Stagnating Economy"

Abu Talha the German: "The world economic crisis has erased the pride of the Germans. It is up to the Germans whether the rescue plan, which has cost billions, will serve as a sedative only, or will be able to revive the stagnating economy. If the people withdraws its army from Afghanistan, this may fulfill the government's expectations. But if the people insists on this unnecessary war, the tax revenue of a whole year will be like atoms scattered in all directions.

"What I want to say is that not only lives, but also jobs, are at stake. Harming the world champion in exports is possible not only on its own turf. Due to the merging of economies, this is no longer difficult. If you strike here, there is more collapse over there. The extent to which the economy hinges upon the banking sector has become evident in the current economic crisis.

"Blowing myself up for the sake of Allah has been my desire since 1993. Germany, with its unlimited solidarity, has become my preferred choice. But I will not carry this out before I fulfill my goals. It doesn't matter whether it takes me four or seven years. The mujahid is the only vehicle that cannot move backwards. He is fearless, not reckless. He is courageous, not careless. He is patient, not hasty."

Title"New Security Package"

Title"The Rescue Package for Germany. October 2008. By Abu Talha the German, who has memorized the Koran."

Abu Talha the German: "Der SpiegelDie Welt, ZDF TV, and many other media outlets - as part of freedom of the press, or out of solidarity with the Danes - also published those cartoons. The climax was the 'Idomeneo' show. You said: Muslims, get used to this, and stop playing the victim. This campaign was launched on purpose in order to examine the Muslims' preparedness. What did the West achieve by this provocation? Not only did it awaken the Muslims, but it also made them 'hyperactive.' The Muslims realized the importance of Jihad, and understood the importance of unity in the war against the Crusaders, under the blessed leadership of Osama bin Laden."[...]

"Our Striking Power in This New Crusader War is Reflected in the Mujahideen's Participation in the New Arms Race... In September 2009... I Believe That the German People Will Make the Right Choice... If the Germans Do Not Follow This Path, They Will Have Sealed Their Own Fate"

"You should know that Al-Qaeda is a function of the third degree. The West is also part of the conflict. The difference between us is an accidental error often made by mathematicians. The minus sign transforms a positive curve into a negative curve, and vice versa. When our curve passes its minimum point and begins a continuous ascent, your curve makes a sharp decline, after reaching its last maximum point. Don't worry about it. Many before you made mistakes regarding the mujahideen, and their calculations did not meet their expectations.

"Germany, with its 3,500 soldiers, constitutes the third largest military force in Afghanistan. The British, the second largest force, have already had their taste [of defeat]. If the Germans - and I don't expect this - credulously and naively think that as the third largest force, they would emerge unharmed, then the German politicians in the Bundestag are in the wrong place. Anyone who believes he can separate Taliban and Al-Qaeda still does not understand his enemy, even after seven years.


"You should know that Taliban and Al-Qaeda are like a prime number, which is divisible only by itself and by the number 1. If we divide a prime number by 1, the result will always be Taliban and Al-Qaeda, even when the BND is the divider."


Abu Talha: "Our striking power in this new Crusader war is reflected in the mujahideen's participation in the new arms race. Between the atom bomb and our atom bomb, there is a small linguistic difference, but a large qualitative difference. Linguistically, we change half the consonant 'm' into the vowel 'u,' and then shift it. Then we can present you with our atom bomb - the 'Autobombe.'


"I ask the German people: What do the security agencies really know [about Al-Qaeda], and do they really think that they can protect the German people, or have they admitted their inability to confront Al-Qaeda?


"I say to the German people: Return to your senses. In some cases, it can be claimed that the people has no alternative, because both leading parties are very similar. That's why it makes no difference whether Obama or McCain is elected in a few days. But in September 2009, the Germans have a unique and true opportunity to prove that they had no alternative beforehand. I believe that the German people will make the right choice, thus avoiding all unnecessary problems. The Germans have new hope of security, sleeping, and shopping safely, without constantly fearing that someone with black hair or a bearded blond, might turn out to be a bomb. The solution is entirely in your hands. If the Germans do not follow this path, they will have sealed their own fate."

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