Thursday, January 29, 2009

Embrace Your Infidel-ity

Humpday night. (that's right, Jihadis, I said hump. hump. hump. hump. slang for sex sex sex. you know in out in out in out your brains blistering yet you goatfuc. . .?)

Bourbon is for the blues, at least for me. But Jazz calls for Scotch. Maybe a bottle of Bowmore Legend. That peaty, smokey aroma.

If I Loves You Porgy isn't a Jazz Ballad Standard nothing is.

2 versions. 1 with and 1 without vocals.

First, Keith Jarrett the song from The Melody at Night, With You. The video from Solo Tribute - The 100th performance in Japan.

The second the incomparable Nina Simone, a live performance from The Ed Sullivan Show 1960.

Now listen up any of you wayfarers who happened to stumble by. Cuz I got a teaser for you.

I got this live on video by Billie Holiday. Oh yeah. When am I going to put it up? Guess you'll just have to make IBA a regular stop and see. And, you know, maybe read some posts and learn something the drive by Media won't tell you because, as Jim Harrison said, they won't get off the damn highway long enough to look.

And you, too, you Jihadis. C'mon. You know you want to. That Old Fart Osama don't know nuthin'. And those mad mullah's? Khameini? Ahmanutjob? You ride with those guys?

C'mon. Stop back. You know you like it. You know you want it. Want to look at it. . . taste it. . . feel it. . .

The Infidel Life.


Anonymous said...

That Lady Day is going to have to be something real special to top that Nina Simone.

My, but the music is nice around here lately.

Pastorius said...

Keith Jarrett did a beautiful version of I Loves You Porgy on his album The Melody At Night With You.

A woman, that album, and a bottle of wine will open up the whole world for you.

midnight rider said...

I'm happy you all like it ;>) It helps take the edge off the grim, ugly, frustrating and downright maddening we deal with every day.

Anonymous said...

Aaah, how rich is this! First, Robert Spencer improves his comment system, and now the great music videos. I just love the Nina Simone. She is beautiful, timeless and exquisite. And Jarrett just mellows me out for a nice peaceful night. Where in the Ummah can you get this kind of culchah?