Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mohammed The Cross-Dressing Prophet

Just when you think you have plumbed the depths of Mohammed's depravity, you will find there's more.

This being the continuation of Fr Zakaria Botros’ examination of Muhammad's sexual morality (or lack thereof). See here for Part I and Part II.

Last we left the Coptic priest, he was reading from hadith reports stating that the prophet of Islam “admired” a 2-3 year old girl (saying that he hoped to live long enough to make her his wife), and “laid” in the grave with a dead woman.

In this episode, he began with the prophet’s “transvestite” tendencies. He read from several hadiths, including Sahih Bukhari—Fr Botros claims that there are no less than 32 different references to this phenomenon in Islam’s books—wherein Muhammad often laid in bed dressed in women’s clothes, specifically his child-bride Aisha’s.

Fr. Botros: “Perhaps Muslims think that he only dressed in Aisha’s clothes? Being that she was his “favorite,” perhaps after being intimate with her, he would merely lay in bed with her clothes?” (Here the priest put his face in his hands lamenting that he had to talk of such shameful things.)

Then he offered an interesting and revealing hadith, from Sahih Bukhari (2/911), which records Muhammad saying, “Revelations [i.e., the Koran] never come to me when I’m dressed in women’s clothing—except when I’m dressed in Aisha’s,” implying that it was something of a habit for the prophet to dress in female clothing.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.


Anonymous said...

Is Fr. Botros only the coolest dude ever or what? Would someone please send him over to Ratzinger with some hot fresh clues? Please? Before Fallaci has to come back from the dead and slap some sense into him?

Pastorius said...

Botros for Pope.

Anonymous said...

...and yet we are supposed to show 'respect' for his cult?

I'm sure many Muslims realise that Islam is one huge scam, but the only reasons they continue to adhere to it are from fear, and because it a perpetuates a favourable power-structure - the dominant Muslim male in control of women and dhimmis.

Pastorius said...

I think you're right.