Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mohammed the Necrophile

Just lately Zakariah Boutros has been saying the Muslim prophet Muhammad had engaged in necrophilia and gay sex, yet no one is taking much interest, the same as few years back when I had this up at my blog.


  1. Pathological attraction to dead bodies.
  2. Pathological fascination with death.

  1. One who is subject to necrophilia.
In ancient Egypt, there is record of the treatment of the bodies of young women that were set out to decompose for a few days before being delivered to embalmers. This practice originated from the need to discourage the men performing the funerary customs from having sexual interest in their charges. Herodotus writes in The Histories that, to discourage intercourse with a corpse, Ancient Egyptians left deceased beautiful women to decay for "three or four days" before giving them to the embalmers.

In some societies the practice was enacted owing to a belief that the soul of an unmarried woman would not find peace; among the Kachin of Myanmar, versions of a marriage ceremony were held to lay a dead virgin to rest, which would involve intercourse with the corpse. Similar practices obtained in some pre-modern Central European societies when a woman who was engaged to be married died before the wedding

Now let us take a look at that 'buggery' old 'lecher' ,

Mohammed the prophet of the muslims

This is from a book called "Kanz Al Umal" (The Treasure of the Workers), in the chapter of "The issues of women", authored by Ali Ibn Husam Aldin, commonly known as Al-Mutaki Al-Hindi. He based his book on the hadiths and sayings listed in "Al-Jami Al-Saghir," written by Jalal ul-Din Al-Suyuti.

Narrated by Ibn Abbas:

‘I (Muhammad) put on her my shirt that she may wear the clothes of heaven, and I SLEPT with her in her coffin (grave) that I may lessen the pressure of the grave. She was the best of Allah’s creatures to me after Abu Talib’… The prophet was referring to Fatima , the mother of Ali.

"The Arabic word used here for slept is "Id'tajat," and literally means "lay down" with her. It is often used to mean, "Lay down to have sex." Muhammad is understood as saying that because he slept with her she has become like a wife to him so she will be considered like a "mother of the believers." This will supposedly prevent her from being tormented in the grave, since Muslims believe that as people wait for the Judgment Day they will be tormented in the grave. "Reduce the pressure" here means that the torment won't be as much because she is now a "mother of the believers" after Muhammad slept with her and "consummated" the union. "

Here is something to ponder

It has been theorized that either of the following situation could be antecedents to necrophilia The necrophile develops poor self-esteem, perhaps due to he was very fearful of rejection by women/men and he desired a sexual partner who was incapable of rejecting him

68 percent of necrophiles motivated by a desire for an unresisting and unrejecting partner, and this could be very much the case, because, I doubt many of the women this bastard screwed had much choice. No women would enjoy being fucked by the man who had just murdered her husband, there is no way a 9 years old is going to enjoin a penis thrust into her. So it stands to reason the only willing sex partner he could find was his dead aunt, and I guess the reason we dont her much more about his buggery with the dead, is because the other muslims had more respect for their dead.

Heirate mich

So nehm ich was noch übrig ist
die Nacht ist heiß und wir sind nackt
zum Fluch der Hahn den Morgen grüßt
ich hab den Kopf ihm abgehackt

People see him creeping around the church
he has been alone for a year
The sadness took away all his senses
he sleeps every night by her grave

There, by the bells sleeps a stone
and I alone can read it
and on the fence, the red rooster
who was your heart at that time

The fear skewered on this fence
I now go digging every night
to see what's left
of the face that smiled for me

There by the bells I spend the night
there between snails, a lonely animal
during the day I run after the night
you escape me for the second time

Marry me

With my hands I dig deep
to find what I missed so much
and as the moon was in its most beautiful dress
I kissed your cold mouth

I take you tenderly by the arm
but your skin rips like paper
and parts are falling off of you
you escape me for the second time

Marry me

So I take what's left
the night is hot and we are naked
cursedly the rooster greets the morning
I hacked off his head


Anonymous said...

If Jesus could spend three days in a tomb what's wrong with the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) just staying overnight now and again?

I don't see it causing any grave problems. Besides, it's a cultural thing, so who are you to criticise?

Anonymous said...

Ah but Jesus was not buggering his aunt

Anonymous said...


when I think of a prophet sent from god I allways think of,

a mass murderer

A liar

a coveter of others wives and things

a child molestor

and a necropheliac megalomaniac who who allways seemed to be able to come up with some twisted excuse to do what ever he wanted including gay sex and banging dead chicks.

a twisted evil man produced a twisted evil religion.

witness the millions of muslims ready to kill you if you say they are violent.

Anonymous said...

thank you for your informative site! I most certainly got a kick out it. And I especially like your funny and entertaining cartoons. I laughed so hard at some ofthem, i dam near soiled myself, and laughed so hard snot came out of my nose!
keep up the goodwork!!!

Epona said...

Thank you!
I am going to copy this and put it on my site.
I am sick of these Islamist gobshites doing as they please.

Anonymous said...

Same can be said about Mozes.
He also killed and raped little children.
What about that?

Anonymous said...

Just read Numeri 31.

And should every Catholic condemn openly what's coming out now about the Salesian's?

Pastorius said...

Yes, Catholics should, if they are asked, condemn Priests who molest children, and Bishops who protect those Priests as well.

Why did you tell me to read Numeri 31? What is Numeri?

Are you referring to the Book of Numbers?

Anonymous said...

listen the whole basis of this argument is based on your complete ignorance of Islam and everything that defines a muslim. firstly the book of hadith you mention is not considered an authentic and accurate and is widely discredited by muslim and secondly the narration is unsatisfactory there is no way means of knowing if you just did not make up the hadith to really support your argument you should find a hadith from the books of sahih bukhari or sahih muslim and give a chain of transmission. also the whole argument that muslims rape and slaughter people without consequences is laughable considering that america has the largest rate of rape in the world also since the motto of the site is to fight for the inalienable right of everyone on earth INCLUDING muslims this entire discussion makes a mockery of this and just shows the falseness of this site and shows it is just an excuse to be racist.

Anonymous said...

He went with his favourite camels too, the younger camels. lf his harem was unavailable to him he would express his love on the animals. There is no doubt he was deranged like Hitler and Stalian. Many powerful leaders have been crazy.

Pastorius said...

I wish you much success as a novelist.

Onur said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This seems a rather desperate, child-like and unsophisticated allegation against Islam.

"'Id'tajat'....It is often used to mean, "Lay down to have sex."

Oh no it doesn't.

If you are of the truthful then please produce some evidence.

I hope the moderators have the sincerity and academic honesty to approve this comment.

Anonymous said...

Islam will bring about its own destruction within a century. But, before its own destruction, it will cause irreparable loss to human civilization.

Anonymous said...

I love the frankness and straight talking of this post which frankly has had me in hysterical laughter for the last 10 minutes

clearly you judge a man by his actions and if a prophet of islam is a warmonger and a child abuser, then don't be too surprised if these two actions are top of the list to all of his followers? all they are doing and continue to do is to follow by example, this particular example was a violent bloodthirsty murderer......and then people start calling it the religion of peace..... Charles Manson a modern day example of a similar psychopath, wonder if in 1,400 times we're still so backward we're calling him a holy man.. or is more like we won't get chance to cause Mohammed's peaceful armies have laid waste to the entire planet via means of stone age thinking combined with thermonuclear weaponry?

Unknown said...

Can you tell me and give me proof where moses did this?

Pastorius said...

Moses did what?

abhishek dhanger said...

Your country a century ago comitted a genocide of millions of armenians,greeks n assyrians during the near end of world war 1 but after so many time still denies the henious act they have committed the average turkish civilians are oblivious of the fact that ever such thing occur because they have been kept ignorant by systemsticaly keeping it out of the academic syllabus isn't it time for your country to acknowledge the crime they have done n apologies to the respected countries of what they did n repent for it

Unknown said...

See the examples of Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Iraq, Lybia all these countries are under extreme violence due to the religion of Islam and religious fanaticism it breeds. World should leave Islam for peace.

Unknown said...

Islam glorifies killing of non-Muslims by Quran itself. Islam is not a religion. It's a violent Arabic cult.

Anonymous said...

Aiyesha six year old small baby became a victim of violent rape by 54 years old man Muhammad. Isn't it creepy and debaucherous?