Monday, January 26, 2009

Music for the Final Crusade

Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra

Let's turn these guys loose on Tehran



Pastorius said...

That is way cooler than I would have expected.

Thanks for posting that.

midnight rider said...

Get yourself the album if you can. It is amazing. Metallica S&M. What the orchestra did with the heavy metal will give you chills. . .

andre79 said...

Out of curiosity and a bit OT, is anyone here "into" HiFi? :)

Anonymous said...

Scorpions with the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra, live: Hurricane 2000.

Manowar with a 200-piece combined choir and orchestra, live: Battle Hymn.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Abu but in my opinion all these bands had "lot it" long before they went Symphonic and artyfarty.

I managed to see Metallica six times in the early 80,s, including Monsters at Donington Park 85 I was on the train from Gothernberg to Copenhagen to see them for the sixth time when I got the news that Cliff had been killed. The Sixth and last time I saw them was in Copenhagen about a year later.

The first three albums where total mind fuck, after that only pulp with the occasional gem.

Even today Whiplash gets my head shaking like a maniac

The same with the scorpions, the first four albums where great, then same thing a decline into AOR

The last time I saw the Scorpion was at The Wall concert in Berlin.

Manowar I saw only once in Copenhagen, all I can say it was a great show, but I never really got into them, as I was more into German metal

It is strange that most bands lose it after their third or forth album

Who should give the grand grand daddy of heavy metal a listen, Richard Wagner.

Or you can try some Carl Orf

I used to as many concerts as possible, and to be truthful, it is the music that I miss most about Europe. Especially Copenhagen, where you cold always go into Christiana and enjoy a few bongs and a good meal before the show.