Saturday, January 31, 2009

Smoke & Mirrors

The Scorpions
When The Smoke is Going Down
At least 34 Interior Ministry officials were killed in Daghestan in 2008 in 96 separate attacks. The most prominent victim was Russian General Valery Lipinsky, who was gunned down on the street in Makhachkala on December 29. The Islamic militant group Shariat Jamaat claimed responsibility for that killing, which it described in a January 5 press release as "a gift from our Amir Muaz to the infidel [Russian Prime Minister Vladimir] Putin."
The above excerpt is from this story which appeared in this post yesterday.

OK - this is what you need to understand here. In a roundabout way this really IS a gift from Angry Amir to Bad Vlad.

Russia (and others, us included) is not really so much interested in fighting a "war on terror" as in USING the jihad as a very convenient wedge strategically, IOW as a proxy army.

Only when the various ends intended are accomplished will they seriously engage in getting "rid" of them. And when they are no longer useful, believe me, get rid of them they will.

Excellent example of the reality of this is what Putin did in Georgia with the two MUSLIM "breakaway provinces".

This is what happens in Africa, this is what happens in the Gulf of Aden, this is what happens in Gaza, if we (The West and Russia) wanted to "stop" these things we certainly could.

The VB for example operates under a similar construct, albeit covertly and philosophically rather than so much physically, the jihad is handy, they LOVE the jihad, they USE the jihad to beard themselves in respectability, the jihad allows them an entry into Joe Average Conservative's world.

Never forget that fascists are socialists, that most of political Islam is a theologically inclined socialism / marxism, that the only difference between Fascism and Communism is three chin pubes, a pair of Trotsky glasses, the body count, and a 100 year old street grudge.

Also, never, ever forget that the the entire PLO was a KGB creation, a communist op.

And now we deal with them like they are a legit government, we call them "Fatah"

Like Vlaams Blok calls itself Vlaams Belang now & announces it is the new best friend of the Jews.

We live in the age of marketing and of BRANDING.

All the usual suspects worldwide have been busy re-branding for the last decade or so. Which does not change the essence of what they are, or what is to come.

All of it is smoke and mirrors to a degree at the highest levels, of course at street level everyone plays the game and everyone thinks it is "real"

It is none of it "real", and it is all of it too real.

In any event do not think for one second that any government on this planet is seriously fighting"jihad". They are using the jihad as a wedge to establish the Koom Bah Humbug One World MFer crap.

If they were seriously fighting jihad, it would be finished already.
Years ago.

~ BabbaZee

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Epaminondas said...

Babba, I almost missed your fantastic spot on post.

But then, my cynicism seems to be exceeded only slightly by yours

The problem is that these 'overlord' forces cannot really control their creations that well

Once you have semtex and a truck full of stingers, rpg's and ak's, you start with some banks and you are a bit more free to do what u want.

The PLA today is nothing like the construct the KGB had in mind (which is why the home grown HAMAS is more successful), and while we didn't create or fund Al Qaeda, I'm sure our 'ally', Pakistan, has had many second thoughts about what they did with the 50% of our funds they demanded and got during the resistance to the USSR in Afghanistan (under Zia)

Pastorius said...

You are so stony.

Did you ever wear roach clips in your hair, Babba? Come on, tell the truth.


Anyway, the really amazing thing about the rebranding effort is, this time, I think the Jews are surrounded on all sides.

I don't think they're finding any friendly faces in Europe. Then again, maybe that's the way it was in the 30's. I was under the impression some people opposed Hitler, but maybe I've just watched the Sound of Music too many times.

Pastorius said...

And no, I'm not gay. I have daughters.


BabbaZee said...


BabbaZee said...

But then, my cynicism seems to be exceeded only slightly by yours

LOL because I have no spleen, what with to vent!


Pastorius said...

You bong me long time?

BabbaZee said...


Pastorius said...

Maybe I'd better take that as a "No!"

BabbaZee said...

Gramscian Whores of the Caliphate!

BabbaZee said...

The problem is that these 'overlord' forces cannot really control their creations that well

Indeed. Squared.
Rude awakenings all around.
I'm buying!