Monday, January 26, 2009

Islam Closing Down Free Speech In Europe?

From Atlas Shrugs:

Watch this. Now. A letter from Holland.

This is worse than the nazis were.

A week ago Tuesday I was ordered to report on Friday to the my city hall, to the section where foreigners are policed. I was assigned to case manager named Muhammad. He was very nice. But here is the deal.

I had a permit to stay here, that had to be renewed every five years. I then applied for a PERMANENT RESIDENT PERMIT. We paid DAMNED good money to change that status. I still had to renew the permit every five years... but for FREE just a new card and photo. I have had that status for about four years. The dutch have decided that no longer exists, as a status.

They have changed the laws here about free speech. It is illegal to say anything "hurtful to Islam". So far Bloggers, YT account holders, web site owners, have been hauled in for questioning, and shown the error of their ways. If they will not capitulate they are told they are not allowed an internet connection in their homes. (over 1,000 people have been denied the web)

All cartoons and editorial pieces about Islam must be GOVERNMENT APPROVED before publication. A few months ago they hauled a respected editorial cartoonist out of his bed at three A.M. My mother in law who has no idea what's going on anymore said "why are you all talking about the nazis . Are they back?" The nazis had the same approval "kamer"

Some muslim dutch YT account holders reported me to YT. Now there is a DUTCH YT... IN DUTCH so they reported me there. Then one or two called the government here on me.

(yes I know it's confusing)

The dutch have not yet just arrested American's... so they ordered me to be "re-educated." Now to BE re-educated you have to take these classes in dutch... but first you have to pass a DUTCH EXAM. And  this exam is so awful I couldn't pass it in English. If I want to be excused from the dutch test I have to pay 190 euros for a medical exam BUT THAT'S NOT ALL ... I also have to hire an OFFICIAL translator for my re-education classes at 150 euros a class. The classes are once a week for SIX MONTHS! After that they can arrest me, without fear from the American consulate. Then I can be fined. jailed, and or deported. .... they must think I'm STUPID >>> they'd like me to pay over 3,000 euros for the PRIVILEGE of being arrested.

Of course if I shut my mouth forever. It ends with the 3 grand. Because they got their way.

Dutch people are allowed as many passports as they want. People NOT born dutch must DENOUNCE their nation of birth and surrender their passport of origin to obtain a dutch one. If you REFUSE that option and you bet your buns I DID REFUSE, so they will charge me INSANE amounts per-year to stay here. First year 700 Euros.

I am actually terrified I will have to leave alone. Well more like RUN IN THE NIGHT.

This is just scratching the surface of what the last few months have been like. I can't leave my house anymore unless I have a taxi. Some muslim kids attacked me and, if some normal dutch men hadn't run to help me they would have thrown me off a bridge. I called out to the police, who were passing on bikes. Since the police were outnumbered.... they just rode off and left me there alone, with these thugs.


Damien said...


This is bad news. Things are just getting worse. Why didn't the people stand up earlier, why?

Unknown said...

tis all over but the cryin.

if anyone can tell me how these european countries can be saved from the path they are headed down without the ability to even protest being on that path.... well I dont know that could happen.

Anonymous said...

Get out of the Netherlands. Now.

Always On Watch said...

This makes my blood run cold and boil -- at the same time.

WC said...

Civil war is the only option. Now, who in Europe will fire the first shot.

Pastorius said...

Who do you think, WC?

Damien said...


you said,
Get out of the Netherlands. Now.

One problem is that will just speed up the process of Islamitization and the Jihadists won't stop at the Netherlands.

Damien said...

Always On Watch,

you said,
This makes my blood run cold and boil -- at the same time.

kind of like what happens when you're in outer space without a space suit.