Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The Real Assault on Israel is underway..


President Obama Does First Formal TV Interview as President with Al-Arabiya

January 26, 2009 6:29 PM

As special envoy to the Middle East, George Mitchell heads off to the region to begin work on negotiating a cease fire between Israel and the Palestinians, President Obama has sat for his first formal TV interview with the Arabic cable TV network Al-Arabiya, ABC News has learned.

The interview was taped this evening and is set to air at 11 pm ET, as Mitchell is in the air and on his way to the region.

Based in Dubai, Al-Arabiya estimates that it has a potential audience exceeding 23 million in the Gulf region.

Why would Obama grant an interview to THIS? Why did he make his first foreign call to a holocaust minimizer/denier?

There is no middle in this dispute between quranic genocidal mass murderers, mafia genocidal murderers and their intended victims except in hopeful delusion.

Mr. Obama is dangerously naive if he thinks there is any solution except in the HEART of the palestinian peoples


NEW YORK - Former President Jimmy Carter says Israel will face a "catastrophe" unless it revives the Mideast peace process and establishes an independent Palestinian state.

Carter pointed out in an interview with The Associated Press on Monday that Arabs will outnumber Jews in the Holy Land in the foreseeable future.

He said that would leave Israel with three options: expelling many Palestinians, keeping the Palestinians but depriving them of equal voting rights, or giving them equal voting rights, which would give the Palestinians a majority.

He said that with the third option, one would no longer have a Jewish state.


Demographers predict that within ten years Arabs will outnumber Jews in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza. Without a separate Palestinian state the Israelis would have three options, none of them good. They could try ethnic cleansing, drive the Palestinians out of the West Bank, or they could give the Palestinians the vote. That would be the democratic option but it would mean the end of the Jewish state. Or they could try apartheid - have the minority Israelis rule the majority Palestinians, but apartheid regimes don't have a very long life.

No one should harbor ANY DOUBT what this is about. This is the delusion that to be anti zionist is not anti semitic in the final analysis. Israel is a sanctuary after 2500 years of repression, expulsion, murder, pogroms, bigotry, genocide, and then repression, expulsion, and murder all over again since 1945. Nothing is any different. Israel is mandatory for jews to survive IN THIS WORLD. Therefore ZIONISM IS MANDATORY if jews are to survive.

The rest is delusion.


Anonymous said...

I think he's just sweet-talking the Muslim world, just as the Muslim world sweet-talks the West into believing that Islam is a peaceful religion. We'll see what happens when push comes to shove. Afterall, actions do speak louder than words.

Pastorius said...

I'm hoping (Hope tm) Total is right on this. There's nothing we can do about it really, so Hope is all we have.

Anonymous said...

This is Bad. He cannot come out and directly give the go ahead to attack Israel

So if he doesn't strongly warn the Arab world to lay off Israel, then Israel must also regard the America as the enemy

The day Obame became president was the day that the world ceased to exist as we know it.

We are no longer American, British,Israeli or African. The world is now divided into two components: dar al-Islam, the house of Islam and dar al-Harb, the house of war. We are now at the point where we must choose.

Our elected and unelected leaders have treacherously submitted to islam by refusing to see what islam entails and blindly lead us through greed or pig head ignorance into Dar al-Dawa

The Western world is no longer dar al-Harb, it is Dar al-Dawa The "house of invitation

Dar al-Dawa is he term used to describe a region where the religion of Islam has recently been introduced. Since the population had not been exposed to Islam before, they may not fit into the traditional definition of dar al-Harb. On the other hand, as the region is not yet Muslim, it cannot be dar al-Islam either. The most frequent use of the term dar al-Dawa is to describe Arabia before and during the life of Muhammad commonly referred as Jahiliyyah period, era of ignorance of divine guidance.

Our leaders are are traitor just by the fact that they refuse to acknowledge that peace is not possible with islam.

We are no longer American, British, Israeli or African, we are now all Quraishi, freemen, proud Kufr of Dar al Kufr, the community of infidels, it is time for us to unite in our Unbelief.

To negotiate peace with islam is defeat, and the fast track to islamization. The only way to stop islam is total war.

Now the question is are we prepared or willing to fight such a war, because we maybe facing the bloodiest war mankind has ever see.

We must face reality, Charles Martell, Vlad Tepes and may so called heroes, did not win the war against islam, they only won battles, they failed badly, they should have gone all the way to Mecca and Bagdad, and destroyed everything completely, so that islam never had a chance to recover.

It is very frightening to see how much islam has expanded in the last 60 years, Indonesia, Biafra , Pakistan, Kosovo. We now see many cities in Europe are being over run.

Now compare this to what has been taken back, East Timur, not much more. How long will it be before Islam returns

In the last 60 years there has only been one group that made Muslims to retreat, but unfortunately they are but a small group, and they will disappear due to Islam and western values.

Islam has arrived in the west, we welcomed the Muslims with open arms as brothers. In return Islam is destroying the entire western civilisation.

Our leaders are like poodles yapping at a pack of pit bulls,
We need bull mastiffs or Dogo Argentinos for leaders.

Michael Travis said...

It all reminds me of Colin Powell on his "Road Map Tour"...in Madrid he was asked if the United States was prepared to consider "Military intervention" to impose compliance on the Jewish State. Powell replied; "All options are on the table".

Mr.Powell repeated that statement/threat in Morocco and Egypt during the same tour.

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

although I give him a D on his economic stimulus (spending) plan, I give him an A for Playing the Muslim Card and calling them out to be part of the solution

midnight rider said...

Walkaway quotes:

"My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy." Yeah, let's see how that works out

Obama reiterated that America was prepared to extend a hand of peace to Iran if it "unclenched its fist." Tell that to those hanging from the cranes

Noting that he has lived in Muslim countries and has Muslim family members, Obama said: "My job to the Muslim world is to communicate that the Americans are not your enemy." This just speaks volumes. Total's right, at least on this. Complete pandering.

Whether he's pandering or sincere this man will get us all in a world of hurt.

Maybe he's trying to recoup that 15point drop in approval he suffered in one week. . .

Epaminondas said...

MR, Ironcially, Bambi is right. We are not their enemy.
It's the other way around.
We're theirs.
It's just that there are those who think if we say that, things can only get worse, and they're right.

Unfortunately, there's no avoidance possible for the results of that, but too many people simply won't accept or believe it.

They want it all to be about US troops in KSA, or we invaded Iraq, or Deir Yassin, or jews stole the land and we back them...

I'm sure that explains why american seaman were made slaves while TJ was prez.

We're so friggin thick

midnight rider said...

Epa -- "We are not their enemy.
It's the other way around.
We're theirs."

I think you contradicted yourself. We are not their enemy. . . We're (we are theirs. Same thing. Did you mean to say they are ours? I'm a tad confused.

But I get your meaning anyway. Don't Name the enemy & be destroyed by him. Name the enemy and at least have a chance, but destruction will ensue. Because this enemy won't change, named or not.

Things are going to get far worse. As the Great Appeasement begins their already sharpening their scimitars in the backrooms. We're just giving them time to put a really keen edge on them.